Director and Producer Tarik Freitekh Celebrates Amazing 16 Million Dollar Mansion With New Music Video

BHM-Tarik-Freitekh-studioIf you have it, why not show the world?  Award winning director Tarik Freitekh agrees, recently bringing in pop star Yousef Arafat to film a music video in his 16 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion for the song “Ma’a Al Salama” – and the response to the video has been passionate.

Director and Producer - Tarik-Freitekh
Director and Producer – Tarik-Freitekh

When it comes to a world class home, in Beverly Hills especially, it’s sometimes hard to believe what’s possible until it’s seen first hand.  Director and Producer Tarik Freitekh recently opened those doors to the world, bringing in a professional team to create a music video at his 16 million dollar mansion and show exactly how he’s living.  The video is for pop star Yousef Arafat’s song “Ma’a Al Salama” and the results were jaw dropping.   Freitekh directed the video and it’s produced by business man Wael Elhalawni.

“I love my mansion and people have asked about it on social media and elsewhere so I thought why not show it in a video,” commented Freitekh about the project.  “I’m very happy with the results, the video looks amazing and the song is great too.”

BHM-Tarik-Freitekh-carsAccording to the director, the two acres home is located in the heart of Beverly Hills right behind the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. The eleven room house has a massive outdoor pool, and a huge guest house.  A recent addition is a top of the line recording studio, put in by Freitekh to make it easy to work with his friends and other artists whenever the feeling takes hold.

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    Nice to meet other succesful Middle Easterners featured here on Jamsphere. Tarik I enjoyed the mansion tour 🙂 you have a beautiful place, and Yousef, you have a sweet voice, sad to say good bye to someone you loved, I can relate to your song. I am Middle Eastern too, from Lebanon Beirut. I’m a songwriter as well. I Wish you both the best in the near future. If you’re on facebook join me via Yousef I started writing an Arabic song with a mixture of English in it. Maybe if you are interested we can collaborate on it? Have a think about it. And let me know! Regards; Tjway (Songwriter/Publisher) & Ceo & Founder of the soul touchers

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