New Releases

The Music Therapy Experiment: “Irreplaceable” – A Harmonious Prescription for the Soul

In a world where life raced forward without respite, Dr. John Kline emerged as the maestro behind The Music Therapy Experiment, a solo project that [more…]


Bride Of Chaotica – “Ghosts on Television” – full musical and stylistic maturity!


Classic, Acid, Psychedelic, Fusion and Progressive rock sophistication with none of the pretentiousness that often steals the souls of these genres. “Ghosts on Television”, the [more…]


Odd-Arne Jacobsen og Tore-Morten Andreassen: “Yang” (A tribute to Larry Coryell and Alphonse Mouzon)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen is a Norwegian jazz and contemporary musician who has performed his music in countries across the globe. Jacobsen is the only Norwegian guitarist [more…]


Art Tawanghar: “Distorted Time” Ft. EMILIA LOPEZ-YANEZ Radio Remix – artistic evolution!

“Distorted Time” is a maxi single diveded into  4 remixes. This Art Tawanghar creation grew out of his collaboration with composer Ruth Weber.  The two [more…]

New Releases

Tyler Reese: “Reminiscence” – lively, innovative, and rewarding Jazz Fusion

Tyler Reese is a 23-year-old guitar virtuoso with extensive experience in live performance, writing, production, studio, and session work. Tyler is an innovator of Contemporary [more…]

New Releases

The Bad Bees: “Fast Paced Space” – replete with blazing soundscapes and incredible vocals!

Based out of South Jersey, The Bad Bees are a four piece indie/rock alternative band comprising of Jacob Barbadoro (Vocals, Guitar), Brandon King (Lead Guitar), [more…]


Slang: “Icebreaker” – a power symphony of rhythmic progressions!

Slang is an Independent musician, composer, producer, film , editor and audio director.  Slang has recently released the album “Icebreaker”, featuring David Pastorius – Bass [more…]