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Witt Lowry – Lay Here [Prod. Tido Vegas] (Vini G. Remix) – a brand new twist without losing its defining roots

“Lay Here” [Prod. Tido Vegas] is another classic Witt Lowry track filled with intricate lyrical abilities, creative lines, a great beat, anxiety, a great vocal hook and more. Whether this song, sampled from the James Bay track, “Let It Go”, can be done any better than the Lowry version is a matter of personal taste. That it can be done differently, is already an artistic fact. Nineteen-year-old singer/rapper, Vini G. has already dropped his own remix of the track.

Vini G.
Vini G.

Whereas Witt Lowry has an angst-driven Eminem lilt to his rhyming, Vini G. reworks the verses and lyrics, and comes in with a less urgent, but deeper flow. Vini shows more tenderness and compassion, while Lowry has anger and a slice of unrelenting machismo hidden behind his guise – same song, but differing approaches, showing exactly why music is an expressive art form, based on personal experiences and interpretations.

Fueled by Vini G.’s strong rhyming, his controlled energy, a spacious beat and of course it’s extremely relevant topic, this entry in Vini’s song-series is an awesomely confident and diverse remix of a truly great track – from the James Bay original, to the Tido Vegas production, right down to the Vini G version.

With such a young age and with only a handful of releases it’s pretty obvious that Vini G might have been slept on a little in the past, despite being a rhyme animal and a fiery emcee, but now it’s going to be damn near impossible to deny his growing greatness with this release. This one is very good. You’re going to enjoy listening to this over and over again. There is a lot to take in with this piece of work, especially if you are familiar with the previous, or any other versions.

I appreciate the integrity and honesty in this remix by Vini G. He could have totally copied the Lowry version or he could have totally deconstructed it, building something far removed from the song’s original intentions. Vini G. did neither, and ended up squarely in the middle, giving the song a brand new twist without losing its defining roots. That’s a touch of musical maturity I did not expect from such a young artist.


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