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WillX BOY: “Brainstorm” has an infectious slow burning groove

William Kojwang, commonly known as WillX BOY, has taken his love for music and used it as a tool for self-expression and to speak to the world. WillX BOY’s genre is predominantly Hip-hop and RnB, and he has been nurturing his talent since 2005 before signing for Hypemasters Entertainment with his counterpart J-Star. As a duo, they dubbed themselves “Affiliates” and have released several singles such as “New Age”, “My City” and “On & On”.  WillX BOY’s latest single “Brainstorm” produced by LuNo Da ViNci, also features J-Star.


In an era where the music industry stresses danceability over singing ability and caters to entertainers over those with real vocal talent, it’s refreshing to find an artist like WillX BOY in the midst of all the vapid and forgettable music.

The song features a hip-hop back beat with a slinking keyboard and driven bassline. The sparse instrumentation coupled with catchy metaphor driven writing, provides for a very memorable song. “Brainstorm” has smoky and sexy sound to it with plenty of smooth harmonies to add to the atmosphere.

How many relationships can withstand the test of time? When society sands against you and you still hold each other up and support each. In a world with so much turmoil this track is so refreshing and poetic. Here WillX BOY talks about finding his girl and tells us about all of her graces.

We need more music like this to weather all these wintry storms we see coming.  With an infectious slow burning groove and hook that is certain to get stuck in your head, the instrumentation gives way to luscious chords and sweet, crisp vocals.

On “Brainstorm” WillX BOY explores the subject of love, intimacy and building a relationship with someone you’re crazy about. He is similar to Frank Ocean in the sense that he also uses very metaphorical, detailed lyrics in his music.

I give “Brainstorm” a full five because it is so right on all levels – An emotional level, a spiritual level and how can I forget…a sexual level. Everything is on point and perfect on this track from the production, vocals, and lyrics. They all perfectly mesh well and create unity and cohesiveness, for a smooth listen.

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