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VEXINE: “Caught Up In The Tears” – sheer gritty, fierce, and evocative power!

“Caught Up In The Tears,” is the brand new single from VEXINE. It is lifted off their 2016 release, entitled Little Sin” out now via Zap Records. I must admit to being a bit, well, more than a bit, puzzled as to why VEXINE and especially its singer Sarah Gleason are not household names at this point in their careers. The woman can sing.

This latest single is a good case in point. This is a track that excels on all levels, songwriting, production, engineering, and especially performance.

And although Sarah is without  a doubt, the band’s focal point, it cannot be denied that the amazing sound canvas boldly painted by Paul Pearce (Guitar), Jorge Santamaria (Drums) and  Michael Skiffington (Bass) add a great deal of rocking fuel to the flaming fire.

vexine-coverWith big, throaty vocals and a contagious rhythm section, VEXINE bring a driving blues-infused rock sound directly to your home. The balance between Sarah’s vocals and Paul’s guitar improvisations are like a perfectly working marriage.

The song grabs your soul, takes you on a journey of energized ecstasy and does not release you until you realize the track is over- at which point you have to then hit the “repeat” button and start the insatiable cycle all over again. This is truly stunning music done the bluesy, rock way. And then there is that voice. Sarah Gleason is a force of nature, one to be reckoned with, and she makes it count on “Caught Up In The Tears.”

VEXINE is one of those bands you don’t quite expect to hear, and yet once you listen to them, they’ll become one of those bands you will continue listening to for the rest of your life.  Although they have been categorized as rock, their music crosses genres blending elements of rock, funk, soul, alternative and true rhythm and blues.

Musically, VEXINE are right on top of it. The sheer gritty, fierce, and evocative power infused into “Caught Up In The Tears,” had me hooked into listening to it multiple times in a row. This does not happen often.

However, this band harkens back to a rich tradition of music that is grounded in soul stirring vocals and masterful instrumentation, and once you press play, VEXINE takes charge in every way as a force demanding full attention. Don’t miss this one!


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