The Dennis Lee Foster Project Unveils New Album and Songs of Summer

Kailua-Kona, HI – The latest album from the internationally acclaimed Kailua-Kona band The Dennis Lee Foster Project showcases the group’s signature sound and includes two [more…]

New Releases

The Masterful Craft of David Belle in ‘The Beginning’

In a bold pivot from his illustrious career as an award-winning film producer and social entrepreneur, David Belle has channeled his creative energies into the [more…]


Johnnie Gee Griffing’s “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection”: An Expansive Tapestry of Musical Mastery


The ability to encapsulate the essence of a story through sound is an art form that requires a masterful touch. Enter Johnnie Gee Griffing, a [more…]

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Delving into the Soul of Mark Styles’ ‘Condatis’: A Musical Odyssey

Mark Styles, the accomplished singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, international recording artist, and producer hailing from the UK, has etched an indelible mark in the ever-evolving realm of [more…]

New Releases

STEM & the DEAD SMOKERS – “OVERWORKED & UNDERPAID LP” – Rock n’ Roll, Raw and Unfiltered!

In the sun-drenched land of Southern California, where dreams collide with reality, a powerhouse rock band has been simmering and honing their craft for a [more…]


JAKE – “Just Getting Started” seamlessly blends disparate elements to create a vibrant listening experience!

JAKE is the epitome of modern music’s new wave of artists. This singer-songwriter has managed to turn heads and raise eyebrows with his unique style [more…]

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Samona – “Song In The Night” captures the very essence of her artistry and the power of her faith

The last time we were graced with new music from Samona was April 2022, and since then, her honeycomb vocals have only grown richer and [more…]


Dry Creek Station: The Country Plus Band Taking California Wine Country by Storm

Dry Creek Station is a “Country Plus” band located in California Wine Country (Sonoma County). They are predominantly a Country band, but they also play [more…]