Underlined Passages Release The Brand New Single – “Everyone Was There”

Underlined Passages exploded into flame in 2015 with their self-titled album which garnered a heap of critical acclaim. The band, made up of Rich Marcinek, Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor (ex. Seldon Plan), are just about ready to unleash their forthcoming album, titled “The Fantastic Quest”, out April 1 2016 through Mint 400 Records. In the meantime Underlined Passages tantalize our indie-rock taste buds with the lead single, “Everyone Was There”.

Underlined-Passages-ProfileMost often, bands have trouble putting out consistently good releases. Underlined Passages seem to not have this problem. These guys are special. They work their butts off, continue to evolve their sound, but still retain what makes them Underlined Passages. Their music is rich and complex and you can never truly appreciate it without a few good listens….I mean LISTEN to it…feel it, and let it draw you in. With the Underlined Passages you can count on getting a masterfully mixed, engaging, transcendental recording dripping with musicality.

Underlined Passages continue their hot streak with “Everyone Was There”, perfecting the insistent indie-rock rhythmic magic that makes them so fun–but at the same time, the driving guitars and melodic invention keep them relevant and more than just a another indie band. Their knack for infectious guitar riffs, bombastic melodies and ardently charming drum sections more than makes “Everyone Was There” an instant favorite with my ear drums. It is absolutely impossible to listen to at anything less than maximum volume.

You can tell by their music that Underlined Passages are quite conscientious of what they are doing every step of the way in the song making process.  We all know there are a million indie bands out there. Some do the genre’s hype justice and some just sound like every other band that’s ever been popular. And then there are bands like Underlined Passages. The musicianship is impressive, the production is as good as it gets, and the emotion stuns you every time you hear them. I do love this band and think we are only witnessing the beginning of what these guys will do.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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