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Sherm Stik: “Street Lucci Vol. 1” delivers from every angle of the lyrical spectrum!

Sherman”Sherm Stik”Johnson II is a Memphis artist with a down south vibe and unique flow. Incarceration set Stik back some years, but he’s at it again and has just dropped the 11-track mixtape entitled, “Street Lucci Vol. 1”. The mixtape is a straight up classic for the South and for everywhere else. Every single song is an anthem and is memorable in some way.

Street Lucci Vol. 1” is brilliantly produced and every single beat is banging. Every single beat is riding. The album is very cohesive as it flows from track to track effortlessly. You never need to use the fast forward button…ever. The lyrics are off the chain. The choruses are all memorable and guests Snaggle, Weesy and MJG are totally appropriate. This is the type of mixtape that when you’re chilling with your boys, everybody knows the words and everybody is jamming.

sherm-stick-350I hate using never use the superlative form of an adjective to describe anything. They are used far too often in the English language; therefore, their meanings are severely diminished. Far too often we hear things like, best rapper, greatest storyteller, most talented hiphop artist. With that said, without a shadow of a doubt Sherm Stik’s voice is one the most distinctive voice in the underground business; there is no mistaking him. Productions aside, the lyrics are downright explosive too. From beginning to end Sherm Stik delivers from every angle of the lyrical spectrum. He is savvy, unique, original, and just what a struggling rap industry is always in need of.

Sherm is unique as a rapper from his voice to his flow to his adlibs to his wordplay. His flow is so confident that it literally makes you hang onto his every word. The storytelling alone and real life aspects he incorporates into his songs are awesome.  Sherm Stik crafts a mixtape that sometimes uses popular clichés to great effect but more than often transcends them, meddling in what hip-hop heads have come to love about the south. Creating a mixtape that is good to play on any day throughout the year. Right from the start Sherm wastes no time with bringing the people what they want and what they need, with earth-moving anthems like “Plugged In”, “Earthquake”, “I Flip It”, “Luv Her Master” and “Needz Me”.

Throughout the mixtape Sherm Stik weaves his way through potentially difficult situations, the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the reality and the perception, ripping through almost every song effortlessly. Sherm has the skills and charisma that it takes to make a mixtape that you can listen to without skipping any tracks. He switches his flow and subject matter throughout the mixtape, making it even more entertaining.

I would imagine that when Sherm Stik got out of jail and started to prepare his comeback most people were probably eager to see what he had in store. With “Street Lucci Vol. 1”, Sherm Stik comes on like a freight train, and he is coming through a set of speakers near you!


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