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The Ricky Fitts: “The Great Beyond” – frighteningly enjoyable, addictive and irresistible!

Already performing with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Fitz and the Tantrums, The Ricky Fitts are on their way to becoming one of the most sought after bands from the “Valley of the Sun”. The Ricky Fitts has released their debut 13-track album, “The Great Beyond” which infuses elements of Indie, Pop and Funk. It all began back in 2016 when Matt Brunsvold placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a drummer.  The keyboardist who also served as a sound tech for The Lumineers, Regina Spektor and Daughter returned to Arizona to be closer to his son in addition to focus on producing and recording.  A month and a half later a drummer by the name of Alec Bushman replied to the listing. The Band grabbed their name from a character in the ‘American Beauty’ movie, which they commonly adored, and the rest is the history they’re busy writing now.

“The Great Beyond” popped up on my radar and found its way into my speakers. Out comes a violent burst of indie, generating a handful of different common styles, genres, and references that creates a whole that is at once mesmerizing. This album is one of the more interesting debuts of I have heard in a long time.

Electro-pop and indie rock clashes ferociously and beautifully at the deft hands of The Ricky Fitts. These young lads have got the fast pace and energetic drive most dance-funk bands wish they could muster, melodies that run for miles on end, and an exemplary set of atmospherically resounding post-punk guitar work and lyrics that no serious songwriter would wave off. The finished product packs enough punch to spread like wildfire among the young indie rock and the cross-over lovers of indie-pop.

“The Great Beyond” lacks any dead moments, recalling very bands of late. The fill the album with excellent party-starters and anthems to the night out, as they follow the indie trend of matching the danceable electro-rock beats, the punky straight-forwardness, and the massive synth and guitar riffing with melancholy in the melodies and youthful, street-smart wisdom in the lyrics.

If you listen closely, you will sometimes think of Bloc Party’s emotional and complex indie rock, but as the epic release kicks in, you’d also like to think of Editors’ heavy use of layers of guitars to raise the roof and expand the soundscape. But then you’ll hear the driving pop edginess of Maroon 5. The Ricky Fitts cover all angles and leave no musical stone unturned. Press play on the energy soaked “Into The Sun”, for confirmation on my last statement.

But you can press play on just about any track here, and be immediately impressed. Try the soulful mid-tempo burner “Back To Basics”, or the power ballad “BLVD”. Even more impressive is the chameleonic “Believe” and the slow banging rocker “Kinsey”. The thing with “The Great Beyond” is that among many other contemporary hip indie band debut albums, it is the most catchy, powerful and summery of them all.

The album has got so many glistening hooks it’s impossible for it to not get stuck with obvious references. Most of all, it’s impossible as a listener to not get hooked. Such a well-produced, balanced, strong, confident, consistent crossover indie pop-rock album has, as a matter of fact, not yet been delivered. It is so frighteningly enjoyable, addictive and irresistible; I’m not sure just where The Ricky Fitts will be able to go next!

For more information, tour dates, media, etc. please visit The Ricky Fitts website at: www.therickyfitts.com.  Don’t forget to check out their SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE. Follow them on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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