Miss Freddye – “Something To Believe In” delivers a message of strength, with bursts of gospel intensity

For the new single release of her compelling career, on Pittsburgh-based MTS Records, Freddye Stover aka Miss Freddye, once again unleashes her riveting voice to call attention to power of faith, hope and love. With noted producer Bryan Cole’s guidance, Pittsburgh’s “Lady Of the Blues” commands your attention at every turn on “Something To Believe In”, written by Frank Wildhorn.  Recorded in Pittsburgh, the track was released on Saturday, April 24th, the anniversary of her mother’s passing. “The song is a gift to my siblings, nieces and nephews, who all still miss her terribly,” explained Miss Freddye. “I pray for them. I want to them to know God has her watching over them. Love for our family will always prevail, in loving arms and loving spirit.”

Right from the start of “Something To Believe In”, you hear someone who understands what’s at the root of the track, and connects to the song’s essence. Miss Freddye’s voice is powerful and she has a unique ability to convey messages of unity, strength and faith. She comes from a traditional blues upbringing and is the epitome of what Americana music is and should be. This song is powerful, direct and has some fierce guitar work.

Miss Freddye

These last two years should make us all ask questions not just about how we want to live but how we want our society to be. We all have to start working for the common good, but to achieve that we need to have something to believe in, and Miss Freddye gives us plenty to think about on how and where to find “Something To Believe In”. It is a reminder of the importance of music to help see us through the darkness.

Miss Freddye has a real talent for delivering songs with power and purpose, regardless of whether she personally wrote them or not. This is a song that explains how we need help from a higher level, by an incredible performer who reminds us that working towards finding faith, is purpose in itself. Miss Freddye proudly delivers a message of strength, with bursts of gospel intensity.

“Something To Believe In” is indicative of Miss Freddye’s abilities, her meticulous phrasing and soaring cries articulating the strengths of her talent. Labels are often tossed around right and left. Everybody is a star, in somebody’s marketing campaign, but Miss Freddye is the real deal. She continues to quietly hone her craft while adopting a fearless attitude about her music.

The frontwoman for two bands: Miss Freddye’s Blues Band (electric blues) and Miss Freddye’s Homecookin Band, (acoustic blues, classic rock, gospel), Miss Freddye began her musical journey 25 years ago, when the Pittsburgh songstress first stepped onto the stages in and around her Western Pennsylvania hometown. Since then, the “Lady of the Blues” has seen her star on a continuous upward rise.

Miss Freddye’s career highlights have included international chart-topping singles, multiple industry award nominations and recognition in her own beloved town. In 2018, Miss Freddye was nominated for two Blues Foundation Awards, one for Best Emerging Artist CD and The Koko Taylor Traditional Blues Female. In 2020, Miss Freddye was named Best Blues Performer by the Pittsburgh City Paper.


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