King Prob & Nyco: “I Know” – enough to satisfy even the most stubborn fans!

King Prob & Nyco (NewYorkCityzOwn) kick-off the track “I Know” with a slow-burning lyrical assault over a very impressive dark production.  The rhymes are sharp, the flow is strong and the brutality of the lines is unquestionable. King Prob & Nyco’s capabilities as far as unconventional rhymes and verbal-tripwire walking go, are on point with some grinning payoff lines. “I Know” sees King Prob & Nyco veering between the three totems of braggadocio (paired with aggression and a touch of paranoia), the love of money and smoking finery and last but not least, women and the love/hate relationship with them.

The track features complex, back-and-forth rhymes delivered by two incredibly skilled players in the underground rap game. Moreover they have the good sense to be themselves rather than clumsy imitators who ape proven formulas with lesser results.

The dark, pounding beat provides a perfect atmosphere, but of course, King Prob & Nyco’s lyrics are stand-out. The production features a gritty, grimy and haunting feel while the vocals provide a dark and scary gothic hook. The chorus too, is one of those memorable ones that you won’t forget soon.

On “I Know”, there are some deep and dark atmospheric moments, while King Prob & Nyco push themselves to go that extra mile. And even if the lyrics are astoundingly moving on their own, these men can’t help but sound like they’re willing to rip your head off at any given opportunity.

While both being superb emcees and having grooves in abundance, it’s this pounding, yet understated aggression that makes “I Know” such an irresistible proposition. None of these lines are yelled or growled at you, but you’ll feel the power of the resonating voices.

“I Know” will satisfy every rap fan that is a little tired of just hearing about platinum and girls shaking their derrieres. This simple, yet powerful track examines emotions that go a little further down the line, without ignoring the girl and ass theory altogether.

Nothing more than a basic atmospheric beat overlaid with some prime raw rhymes, this song invokes deep thinking on the highest level. Its emotion, creativity, energy, and mystery are enough to satisfy even the most stubborn fans.


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