Parmy Dhillon: “Keep Rising” – an observant and conscious singer-songwriter plying his craft

Parmy Dhillon is an Australian singer-songwriter who weaves his acoustic guitar across multiple genres into a range of different songs, each with an angry and aggressive undercurrent. His 2014 debut EP “Hollywood or Home” was welcomed with critical acclaim and as Parmy is getting set to release another EP in 2017, he drops the single “Keep Rising” to remind us that he is still around and as vigil as ever.

This track intensely rails against the 21st Century societal sins of complacency and cluelessness in resolving social, political and economic issues. The track’s sardonically piercing lyrics features some searing and deeply-biting-sarcastic-wit and contains undeniable truisms rendered in eccentrically vivid dream-like imagery. And that usually is the sign of a very observant and conscious songwriter plying his craft.

Music, oftentimes, is not simply about entertainment but it can, and has the right to be educative and informative. But the real magic arrives when music can be all of those things at once. Something some of our legendary singer-songwriters have been bringing to the fore since the sixties.

Sure Parmy Dhillon is the new model, fresh out of the box, but the old rules still apply – great melody, great voice, but most of all a song with something to say, and not just another empty pop arrangement to hang out overnight on the top 40 charts to dry.

The music is deviant and tempting, the lyrics are sur(real) and in your face and the overall tone is one of playful delight, yet, in doing so Parmy has created a seriously captivating song that will tear out your ears and make you rethink your position in the world.

Compared to all the platinum-selling garbage being gobbled up by the music buying public of today, “Keep Rising” is the equivalent of a five-minute master’s degree in philosophy! And that’s a sad reflection on the rest of the industry, come to think of it.

Sorry dear listeners, but you just lack the consciousness, commitment and soul of those days of wonder and change that music in the sixties and seventies brought about. Singer-songwriter Parmy Dhillon has got right down to the gist of things, and delivers what singer-songwriters should be delivering – music with meaning, that you can still tap your toe to.

Now it’s up to the rest of the music listening world to catch on…but more importantly…catch up, because Parmy Dhillon’s a long way ahead of you for now!


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