Joseph Cash X Lowgun: “XANAX” (prod. Rich Beatz) – a personal aesthetic

Sixteen year-old Orlando, Florida rapper, Joseph Cash X Lowgun releases the track “XANAX” (prod. Rich Beatz). The beat is simple, but will get stuck in your head, and has a melancholy feel to it which complements the track very well in the sense that it very heavy-handed.

Considering that the substance Xanax is normally used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression, but along with Klonopin, has now made it into the top ranks of the world’s worst and most widely abused drugs, the claustrophobic sense of the music perfectly fits the mood here. Grimy and grinding the overall theme seems to be, do more with less.

the single cover
the single cover

Driven by the consistent production that emphasizes the intensity in darkness, the track feels like it channels the dark energy towards a positive manner, while Joseph Cash X Lowgun’s lyrics manage to be complex yet unmistakably straight-forward – though you will have to hit the replay button more than once to catch up on the verses, as in places they are quick and fall just under the intense volume of the beat.

“XANAX” (prod. Rich Beatz) is quite short, but makes up for it in the overall mood the track creates, which is a very surreal and introspective journey into the rappers psyches, as they lay their thoughts on the line. Fresh music from young new artists deserves praise for the sheer difficulty in the time, determination, and luck that goes into making it.

Even in today’s landscape with SoundCloud and BandCamp allowing anyone to release music, not all those artists will snag a major deal or make a lasting impression. So it’s definitely something to celebrate when somebody new puts their wares to the mass test.

Joseph Cash has a few songs, as well as an Ep sitting pretty on his Soundcloud platform, of which my favorite track is “Fendi” (Prod. by Genshin). At sixteen, he’s putting out his own ideas, emotions, and aesthetic, independent of anyone else, and deserves a listen.


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