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Matifact: “Let’s Get It” – anti-commercial rap that rides on a left-field beat and an alternative feel

Matifact finds himself at a familiar juncture at this early stage of his career. The two prevailing themes for a creative mind at the start of any musical career is going for broke and making yourself heard, regardless of the production tools at hand, or holding up until you have all the pro apparatus to try and make an even bigger sonic impact. So the choices are clear, showcase your talent or show your sound?

Being an artist with an ambitious mind and an aspiring heart, Matifact opts for the first choice, proposing the theory of mind over matter…or rather, talent over sound.  And when I talk about ‘sound’ in this context, I don’t mean it in the sense of ‘creativity in the making of sound’.

matifact-coverI’m strictly talking about production value in the sense of mixing, mastering, sound definition and compression etc. – stuff that’s hard to achieve without the appropriate equipment, no matter how talented you are. On this track Matifact proceeds minus those goodies.

That he is no slouch when it comes to creative production techniques is proven on “Let’s Get It”. A true neo-savant, his beat is multidimensional in its layering, notwithstanding the fact that he constructed the arrangement using an iPhone. On this track Matifact affirms his status as a capable orator and a dual threat rapper-producer who will become one to be reckoned with in the near future.

The mix on “Let’s Get It” is filled up with textured bass kicks, hand-claps and fading melodic progressions, which work well for cultivating an impressively dense atmosphere. This is compact, anti-commercial rap that rides on a left-field beat and an alternative feel, while Matifact’s rapping mood dictates the output of how it all comes across.

If anything this track demonstrates self-realization, unbarred honesty, and the act of becoming transparent to those around him. Matifact is stepping up to the artistic plate by letting his guard down and his talents be heard, notwithstanding the fact that this may still be work in progress.

If many more of the world’s creative minds knew any better, they would follow in his footsteps, no matter how difficult that may seem at any given moment. How else could you expect your art to be explored or appreciated by others? As T.S. Eliot once said: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Matifact has just started his journey, but in his mind he already knows how far he wants to go!


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