Jizzle Da Amplifia – “Andretti” elevates the artist’s creative stance!

Jizzle Da Amplifia a.k.a. Jazzy 2X is Music Producer, Songwriter, and Engineer with over 10 years’ experience, from Charleston, South Carolina. Jizzle loves to play video games, especially Call of Duty. His style evolved over the years by trial and error, as well as life experiences. He also makes music alongside his younger cousin YHN Mann. Jizzle Da Amplifia is currently riding high with his single “Andretti”. It truly highlights his uncanny abilities to absorb, transform and inspire. From the fat drum and bass structure to the echoes of piercing synthtronica, the influences behind this project pushes it beyond the boundaries of it genre. Yet it’s how Jizzle Da Amplifia has repackaged his influences that’s truly masterful.

Jizzle Da Amplifia comes up as a DIY artist, and his talents span beyond songwriting and rapping to include producing, mixing, mastering and everything in between on “Andretti”. At once playful and profound, the song elevates the artist’s creative stance, whose musical insights are ingrained in the fabric of the three and a half minute-long opus. It felt like an entirely new chapter for both Jizzle and his artistry.

This revelation is achingly evident throughout the project, shining through with seamless wordplay and potent explicit lyricism. The change – from his previously only instrumental tracks – is obviously sparked in part by a newfound dedication to following his instincts and introducing a rawer spirit, and more expansive energy to his creative self.

He keeps things tight and running, with ample time to do his thing. You just might find yourself tapping your foot, nodding your head, or full-on banging your head to this.

“Andretti” is full of sounds influenced by alternative urban, trap and hip-hop, immaculately produced and insanely intense. The track reveals both charming luster and meaty substance. Though the production dominates the track, and owns what it does, leaves more than enough room for the rapper to spit.

And spit he does. In relentless fashion. It’s so in your face and off-kilter that it immediately grabs your attention, and instead of leaving the dynamic range to speak for itself, Jizzle Da Amplifia layers the keys at their loudest.

Between the lyrics, vocal delivery and production, “Andretti” branches out in so many directions, and yet it all holds together beautifully. Here Jizzle Da Amplifia comes across as an artist who’s already got all his complexities figured out.

In essence, the track feels like a genre unto itself, only borrowing from its influences to explode into something completely different. , “Andretti” successfully captures many tendrils of hip-hop’s staunchest beats, and sets them alight in a head rush of blistering bombast.

And though the beat is genius, the barrage of rap bravado adds even more fuel to the fire. The future of Jizzle Da Amplifia is exponentially brighter with this release, which benefits from a highly focused hand of control. Coming into his own as one of the more original music makers with this track, “Andretti” is the sound of an artist and producer convincingly pushing himself to another level.


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