Indie Rock Sensations Human Moods Release Enigmatic ‘Timepiece’ EP

Step into the vibrant world of Human Moods, the indie/modern rock sensation hailing from the heart of Maine. Chris Muccino and Sheridan, two local veterans armed with raw talent and creative vision, unleash their highly-anticipated second CD upon the world. Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible melodies and thought-provoking lyrics of their latest masterwork, aptly titled “Timepiece”. Behind the scenes, a dream team of musical virtuosos have joined forces to craft this auditory gem. Produced, recorded, and mixed by the exceptional Anthony Gatti, alongside Sheridan and Muccino, the tracks came to life in the hallowed halls of The Bulkhead, Gatti’s studio located in the enchanting town of Scarborough, Maine. The magic didn’t stop there; Muccino’s Evergreen Studio in Bath, Maine played host to the recording of the mesmerizing guitar parts, synth textures, and emotive vocals. And to add the final touches of sonic brilliance, Grammy Award-winning engineer Adam Ayan lent his masterful expertise at the world-renowned Gateway Mastering in Portland.

Let’s dive into the ethereal soundscape Human Moods has created for us. The journey begins with their mesmerizing single, “Virtue,” which delves into the depth of a relationship affected by addiction. The lyrics convey the narrator’s willingness to provide unwavering support, patience, and understanding to their loved one, highlighting the immense level of commitment and empathy required to navigate such challenging circumstances. The song captures the longing to return to a time when things were innocent and untainted, and the desire to help their partner overcome their struggles.

The introspective lyrics of “Virtue” tug at the heartstrings, evoking a deep longing to bridge the gap between souls. It’s as if they are pleading to slip into the very essence of our being, to make us understand the human struggle, and provide unwavering support. “If I could slide inside your skin, If you would let me in. I would make all the right moves, I’d see you through” croons Sheridan, promising to pave the way towards healing, unveiling a path where the burdens could slowly melt away. The emotional depth of these words resonate, reminding us of the commitment required in these battles.

In the second track, “Timepiece,” Human Moods gracefully delve into the profound truths that time unravels. Steeped in a mesmerizing musical arrangement, the band guides us on a journey of introspection, urging us to clear our minds and embrace the rhythmic cadence of life. In an era filled with rushed decisions and chaotic noise, they implore us not to succumb to external pressures but rather to trust in our own intuition. “Don’t let anyone push you into things that seem unfit. It’s all up to you. Clear your mind. Take your time,” they assert, empowering us to chart our own course, to follow the path that resonates deep within our souls.

“Timepiece” reminds us of the value we need to place on the ticking seconds, cherishing the moments that define our existence. Through heartfelt harmonies and poignant lyrics, Human Moods gently remind us that time is our ally, not a relentless adversary. They encourage us to relish every fleeting second, to savor the sweetness of life without the burden of unnecessary haste. “We’re in no hurry, all we really have is time anyway, and there is plenty,” they assure us, inviting us to slow down and appreciate the beauty woven within the tapestry of existence.

The talent that comprises Human Moods extends beyond Sheridan and Chris Muccino. Greg Goodwin on bass, Pete Giordano on lead guitar and backing vocals, and the rhythmic prowess of Mike Chasse on drums complete the studio lineup. Together, they weave a tapestry of sound that draws inspiration from iconic bands such as The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, and Siouxsie & The Banshees, with a touch of Tracy Ullman’s distinctive style. The result is a unique blend of influences that creates a sonic experience like no other.

The story of Human Moods began when Sheridan and Chris Muccino found themselves with a serendipitous moment of downtime during the recording sessions with Forest City & Friends (FCAF), another band they both contribute to. In this creative interlude, Muccino presented Sheridan with a demo in need of lyrics, coinciding with her personal journey through life-altering health challenges amidst the backdrop of a pandemic-stricken America. Little did they know that this fusion of circumstances would birth something greater than they could have ever imagined.

“Timepiece” is a testimony to the power of Human Moods’ music, an enchanting and emotional journey that touches the very essence of our being. Sheridan’s vocals take center stage, while Chris Muccino’s masterful guitar work and synth sorcery build a mesmerizing soundscape. Together they create a captivating synergy that is truly bewitching. Human Moods beckons you to join them on this transcendent odyssey, where the essence of the human experience is brought to life through indomitable melodies and soul-stirring lyrics.

*NOTE* Limited copies of the physical CD, which was manufactured to look like an old classic 45 RPM black vinyl record, are already available exclusively at all Bull Moose stores throughout Maine, with online fulfillment through, while the digital version will be available July 28 on all of the popular streaming sites like Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, along with many others.


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