Fire Proof T.B drops his latest track “Numbers”

Ceo/ Rapper/ Songwriter/ Motivational Speaker. Fire Proof T.B is changing the face of Hip Hop, Gospel, and music, as we know it today. T.B is coming into hip hop like a thief, not to provoke, but to save it. He expresses this through his music, coming from 1 Thessalonians 5:2. In 2007, Fire Proof T.B came out with a sample mix tape (passed out over 5,000 cds) that gave him a buzz through Memphis and Arkansas. TB put out a song called ‘I’m Wit Christ’ that received numerous airplay on 95.7fm and 92.7fm Holly Springs, Ms.

TB takes his message straight to the streets to most secular and non-secular audience. His lyrics promote nonviolence and encouraging lifestyles. He sincerely believes that drugs and gangs are not the way to go, thus demonstrating this through his music. He worked with Man Up Foundation, Memphis Union Mission, and Stevie Moore Back to School. He believes in keeping Christ first and the airwaves are a great place to be heard.

Fire Proof T.B has shared the stage with Canton Jones, Mr. Del, K-drama, Fro, and F1 Diamond just to name a few. In 2009, Fire Proof TB strayed away from Gospel Rap. Although he never had a problem drinking, smoking, clubbing, or cursing! He had lust for women.

Fire Proof TB says, “It took God to show him that you can’t live both lives.” In 2012 he released his mixtape “Sinner 2A Saint” (Over 10,000 in the streets) with his hit single “JC WALKIN”. God has blessed Fire Proof T.B to receive various air plays in Memphis and surrounding cities.

Fire Proof T.B says, “It has always been a dream to get air play on 107.1 fm being a Gospel Artist”. In 2012, his dream came true, now he reaches not only Christians but unbelievers as well. Fire Proof T.B is happy about his accomplishments but even happier about God’s Grace and mercy towards him.

Fire Proof T.B says, “He’s happy God showed him his purpose and is using him as a solider to fight for the lost souls”. We need more positive influences for our young generation to let them know that there’s a better way. Fire Proof T.B is on radio rotation with his latest track “Numbers”.


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