Dv Bros – “Right From The Start” ft. Jenna Evans – mellifluous in melody, lush and layered!

Two Brothers with two very different stories and one great passion, music. Conservatory, home recording, and the nineties hits, are just pieces of everything they are. Davide – writer, arranger of great artists, and Carlo – composer, video maker, songwriter, graphic designer. From Parma to the world, comes the Dv Bros, with their single “Right From The Start” ft. Jenna Evans.

While it may not be true in other musical genres, or even frowned upon as if it indicates lack of talent, collaboration in the genre of electronic music quite often leads to incredible results. Electronic music done beautifully is perfectly demonstrated in this track. It’s a warm, satisfying zone-out, with a sweet melody and delicate synths, where Jenna Evans gives a soulfully understated performance to captivate the ears.

The Dv Bros have impressed me with their composition and production skills. Blending gentle vocals and electronics with inventiveness and creativity, the song quickly lures you, mirage-like, to its moods and textures – mellifluous in melody, lush and layered. “Right From The Start” ft. Jenna Evans is more than just ultra-sophisticated EDM listening.


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