Dreaming in Sound: Big Bus Dream’s ‘C’mon Dream’ Album Takes Flight

Big Bus Dream, the brainchild of indie rock luminary Mike Shannon, takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the boundless terrain of the subconscious with the enigmatic album “C’mon Dream.” Released on September 21, 2023, this 13-track opus is a tour de force that harnesses the power of dreams to craft a profoundly distinctive listening experience. Big Bus Dream’s latest offering, is a breathtaking testament to the enduring capacity of music to traverse the borders of the conscious mind. It is a testament to the transformative power of dreams as a wellspring of inspiration. Shannon embarked on this ambitious project in late 2022, crafting an astonishing 25 songs, each inspired by a distinct dream. The final selection, comprising 13 tracks, was meticulously curated to craft a seamless, immersive odyssey through the recesses of his psyche.

The album unfolds as a kaleidoscope of emotions and soundscapes, deftly blurring the lines between dream and reality. It is a journey through the subconscious, a realm where the ethereal meets the tangible, and the surreal becomes the tangible. In “C’mon Dream,” listeners will discover a captivating array of musical styles, ranging from soaring anthems to introspective ballads, all bound together by Big Bus Dream’s signature sonic tapestry.

Throughout the album, Shannon’s unvarnished vocals entwine with jangling guitars, dynamic beats, shimmering keys, and an alluring organic aura that invites exploration. The 13 standout tracks, are evocative vignettes that beckon the listener into this beguiling dreamscape. Songs like ‘C’MON DREAM’ and ‘DIE JUST A LITTLE’ exude a visceral energy, while ‘IN MY MIND’ and ‘DYING BEFORE I SLEEP’’ offer introspective respite. ‘HOUSE ON THE CORNER’ beckons with its melodic charm, while ‘UNREASONABLE CONVICTIONS’ dazzles with its sublime musical complexity.  ‘FORGIVENESS’ unpacks a smooth emotional ride towards the racier grit of ‘NO REHAB FOR THAT’.

The standout tracks on this opus read like a compelling narrative of a dreamer’s nocturnal odyssey: ‘JUST A NATURAL’ and ‘SNAPSHOT’ captures fleeting moments of intuitive clarity, ‘NOT MEANT FOR ME AND YOU’ wrestles with the shadows of the subconscious, while ‘WE’RE NOT ADDICTED’ and ‘I THOUGHT I WAS SPECIAL’ delves into the self-reflective musings of an extremely observant deep-thinker.

Yet, what distinguishes “C’mon Dream” is its innate refusal to conform to genre conventions. It defies easy categorization, transcending the confines of any one musical label. Instead, it stands as a testament to Big Bus Dream’s fearless artistic exploration and personal authenticity. It beckons listeners to delve into the mysteries of their own subconscious, to traverse the dreamscape alongside the artist.

The critical acclaim showered upon this album is a testament to its exceptional nature. Reviewers far and wide have already hailed Big Bus Dream’s originality, creativity, and musicianship. “C’mon Dream” is nothing short of a must-listen for aficionados of indie music, dream pop enthusiasts, and seekers of musical experimentation. In an industry increasingly characterized by the mundane, Big Bus Dream’s bold foray into the realm of dreams is nothing short of refreshing.

This is not the first time that Big Bus Dream has graced the music scene with brilliance. His 2022 single, “Hear Me Roar,” garnered praise from critics and fans alike, a precursor to the excellence we find in “C’mon Dream.” The 2021 single “Giant In My Mind” also resonated deeply with listeners, exemplifying Big Bus Dream’s propensity for crafting emotionally charged, captivating music.

Big Bus Dream’s journey through music is marked by a profound evolution in sound. From the iconic stages of CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City during 1980-1986 to a triumphant return in 1998, he has witnessed the industry transform before his very eyes. Yet, as he astutely observes, “The music business was never magical; now it’s merely a shell of a fantasy.” His tenacity, resilience, and continued ability to enchant audiences demonstrate an artist who has not only adapted to change but has thrived within it.

In conclusion, “C’mon Dream” by Big Bus Dream is an expedition into the uncharted terrain of dreams, a symphony of the subconscious, and an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of music. Mike Shannon, under his Big Bus Dream moniker, has sculpted an exceptional masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on the alternative rock landscape. With each release, he reaffirms his status as an artist whose vision transcends the ordinary, making “C’mon Dream” an indispensable addition to the discerning music lover’s collection.

Checkout the song previews on the Big Bus Dream website https://bigbusdream.com/album/1347834/c-mon-dream-album where you can also purchase at a better price and bundle at a discount.

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