André Aires – “The Bigger The Love” shows off every facet of his outstanding voice

André Aires is a young singer who lives in Portugal. His latest single is entitled “The Bigger The Love”. The song kicks off in the perfect way. It’s impossible not to be completely hooked on the infectious electric guitar which opens the track and appears throughout. “Don’t wanna to leave my house. Don’t wanna answer the phone. Don’t wanna go outside but, Don’t wanna be alone,So cover my ears don’t wanna hear her name no more. Don’t want to admit to myself that it’s over,” sings André Aires, immediately letting you know that this narrative is about the pain suffered from being in love. “The bigger the love the harder the fall,” he concludes in the chorus.

André Aires manages to capture us from the first few seconds thanks to his incredible nuanced, and powerful voice which dominates throughout. The result is one of the most radio-ready offerings, I’ve heard in the last few months. There is no doubt that André has put his heart and soul into this single and this leads to a definite empathy and maturity in his sound, both lyrically and melodically.

The instrumentation throughout is particularly striking, and André Aires is a canny singer who knows how to translate his persona into a delectable pop flavor. Moreover André sings from the heart, and when that heart has the comprehension of actual hardship, like in “The Bigger The Love”, the passion comes pouring through. Even more impressive, is the fact that André Aires is never overwhelming or melodramatic in his execution.

“The Bigger The Love” provides André Aires with the chance to show off every facet of his outstanding voice, switching from his high-rising soar to swaggering cool, to a breathlessly emotive finale. An extremely talented individual, André sings with conviction, lending the song an air of authenticity which is sorely missing from the vacuous and overtly commercial renderings of many of his contemporaries.

“The Bigger The Love” is bathed in bold polished production and will have you singing along to the ridiculously catchy hooks instantly, as long as you can keep up with André Aires’ voice, that is. Clearly the perfect-pitched, golden-voiced singer will be on an upward trajectory with this release. André’s personality and charisma also works effectively on this track, adding an extra aura to the heartfelt proceedings.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that André Aires’ is thinking next level with “The Bigger The Love”. The vocals, the production, the thoughtful lyrics, and even the supporting video is top notch.  This sounds like a great way to kick off 2021 for André Aires’, whichever direction his heading in.  He is ready to step high into the current pop trend with this single, sounding strong and intimate.

Most importantly, “The Bigger The Love” is a track with a complete understanding on balance, attentive care being put into the melody and harmony, beat and lyrics – it’s all conducted to see the song through to its fullest potential. Simply put, it confidently grasps on its meticulous production and execution.

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