“Respect, Don’t Panic! (Corona Rhapsody)” by Berlin artist “Jo Oliver” – Corona song calls for mutual respect!

“Respect, Don’t Panic! (Corona Rhapsody)” by Berlin artist “Jo Oliver” is an appeal against the increasing splitting of our society – Corona song calls for mutual respect!

This energetic song is an appeal against the increasing splitting of our society: “If we don’t learn to listen to each other and treat each other with respect, we will have “American conditions” in a few years,” says the Berlin-based artist. Especially in Corona times, minds are divided on the right way to deal with the crisis. Therefore, we should listen to each other and especially to scientists, even with different positions, without bias.

Manni von Bohr & Jo Oliver

Jo Oliver has packed the appeal into a catchy style mix of rock and funk. No wonder that the first radio stations have already put the title on the playlist. A short intro with a rocky riff and choir vocals is followed by a restrained verse with funky guitar accompaniment, which turns into a power rock riff with ear catcher character for the chorus.

The artist sings and plays all instruments himself, which testifies to his extraordinary talent. Musically, a great, powerful mix of funk/soul and steamy guitar rock awaits the listener!

Released in summer 2020, the track has already been streamed over 150,000 times to date (over 100,000 streams in the “Radio Edit” version alone) and has found its way onto numerous private playlists… Jo Oliver, who also works as a songwriter/music producer for other artists (e.g. for Gliffo – www.gliffo.net)  seems to be hitting a nerve with his raw rock/funk sound, but also thematically, and is getting more and more listeners, especially on Spotify.

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