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JC Flyer – the track “Like Me” produced by Jassie, is supported by an official video release!

JC Flyer has dropped his track “Like Me” produced by Jassie. The single is supported by an official video release. The alternative artist also has a new EP coming up, entitled “Procrastination”. “Like Me” features swirling synths and JC Flyer’s smooth atomic voice, multiplying into soul croons, silky hooks, and percussive adlibs. The singer has an ability to twist his influences into a subtly subversive soundtrack.

JC Flyer

For all the record’s buoyant hi-hat interludes and wavy neo-R&B, it is inescapably full of groove. JC Flyer combines his wry lyricism and soulful platitudes over a syrupy beat, to great and endearing effect. It make for an irresistible combo.

JC Flyer finds a near-perfect match between the slippery wooziness and the studio craftsmanship that makes his music sound looser and more freeform than his contemporaries. This allows his slick voice to shine through, on an easygoing backdrop.

At the same time, JC Flyer’s topical talk, on being liked or not, is enough to convince everyone that he’s living in the same unpredictable and unscrupulous world as the rest us.

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