Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Fortitudo” – a sense of emotional outpouring on a cosmically grand scale!

The self-taught Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, who started composing in 2015 simply using his ear in the absence of music theory, is back with another track, entitled “Fortitudo”. Here the composer, whose influences include Dream Theater and Symphony X, once again shows us his dynamic, and cinematic blend, of progressive symphonic rock and classical musical stylings. This single presents a five minute journey throughout all the various elements of Bazzoni’s composing style.

Opening with lush strings, bold brass and percussion, “Fortitudo” crescendos before erupting into a maelstrom of swirling keyboards and choirs backed by the ever-evolving orchestra. It’s a truly phenomenal track that pieces together disparate elements and separate movements into a compelling, cohesive whole that flies by in what feels like a fraction of its runtime.

This level of scale and ambition is nothing new for Lorenzo Bazzoni. His brand of bombastic symphonic rock is rather stirring, as it is both properly heavy yet melodic, catchy yet dramatic. Bazzoni’s music is multi-layered, complex in its construction, varied, and full of competing styles of music. It makes for an intense listening experience.

Such is the catchiness and sense of passion that permeates through “Fortitudo”, it forces you to sit up, take notice, and listen attentively. Again, I’m impressed by the heaviness and the richness of the composition, as well as the clever use of accentuated light and shade, to really enhance the drama of the song. The bold percussion, is a soaring, banging affair which gets under the skin quickly, and effectively.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni has once again delivered a song that has managed to find the near-perfect blend of extreme of symphonic majesty, and rock melody. As such, whilst the song may be multi-layered and full of bombastic pomposity, it remains completely listenable, enjoyable, and as addictive as a rush of adrenaline.

There is a powerful emotive grounding in “Fortitudo”. The music is richly passionate, delivering a sense of emotional outpouring on a cosmically grand scale. Along with a sense of resounding triumph!

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