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Bronzz: “Ride” blends the best of R&B and Pop sensibilities!

Bronzz is an Indianapolis native who moved to the city of Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue a career in music. Making such a big move is something that has significance to the singer, and has since he arrived. “After being in Indianapolis all of my life, I felt that I was at a plateau and I could no longer grow in my surroundings musically.”

Bronzz has been singing since he was five years old. However, the decision to do music seriously would not come until the later years in middle school. When asked about his sound, Bronzz says, “I feel my sound and music will be a refreshing – of smooth vocals and good R&B with Pop culture.” Bronze B recently dropped his latest single “Ride”.

bronzz-350The brilliant, falsetto-laden “Ride” blends the best of R&B and pop sensibilities. The track is impressive because it shows an R&B artist refusing to pander to the current landscape. R&B is being driven by the new EDM generation, but Bronzz isn’t chasing them here.

He is now flying above any current trend. This is a banging track made for the dance-floor, no doubt, but its roots are deeply planted in RnB rhythms rather than the anonymous four-to-the-floor EDM beats.

In an age of event albums and singles, does Bronzz have what it takes to stand out in the pop industry? As his contemporaries embrace manic release schedules, and wild musical experimentation, Bronzz is quietly moving forward like a reliable workhorse, and “Ride” is his latest solid release.

It changes up his sound. It’s upbeat, swaggering and vulnerable at the same time, never leaning too much in one direction. The production is retro-sounding, with an urgent modern twist, and Bronzz knows how to make the most of what he has at hand.

The singing is essentially flawless, rendering the music extremely attractive. Throughout, Bronzz’s voice is an anchor, sticking the production sounds together, with his warm lower register, and striking falsetto.

Bronzz knows how to put out a quality release, using the tools he is already equipped with – a distinctive voice that remains a cut above the rest and an ease with being intimately emotional.  “Ride” is easy to listen to, it lets Bronzz’s voice breathe, it will keep you glued to the dance-floor, and his bold persona is as memorable as you can hope for.


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