Brand new artist Nuumelody spreads a powerful message on her latest hit “BODY”

Brand new artist Nuumelody goes out of the way to spread a powerful and empowering message about embracing yourself in her latest hit “BODY”. Her voice sounds assured and strong. With this song album, she confirms her position as a vocalist to watch in the coming months. Blending a mix of rhythmic groove, smart lyrics and soulful vocals, Nuumelody deftly displays the maturity and self-confidence that she has developed since her recording debut.

Having already worked with a variety of accomplished producers, Nuumelody showcases a smooth range of emotion and mood on “BODY”, produced by Defstarz that reveals the heart and soul of her craft.

The track is rounded out by an array of sensual, sexy nuances, which especially adds spice to the visual available for viewing on YouTube. What a journey this woman is on, and the fact that she’s independent means she’s probably recording what she wants and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.

Nuumelody is cornering her lane: shooting from the hip sonically while using her music as a gateway to put her full abilities on display as a performer, in creative music videos and electrifying recording sets.

She is working tirelessly to prove just how worthy she is of estimation without so much as breaking a sweat. She’s sounds comfortable in her growing womanhood and the power that comes with that, and on “BODY” she is reaching out to her sisters and telling them to accept and truly be themselves.

The themes of positivity and empowerment suit her well, and this is the type of message we need to hear right now. “BODY” is about figuring out who you are and learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Bursting with admirable sentiments, it’s consistently admirable, highly enjoyable, and absolutely essential. Nuumelody smartly brings it all together here!

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