INTERVIEW with talented Let’s Get It Productions artist, Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany Leigh’s journey as an artist has been nothing short of inspiring. With a powerful voice and a passion for making a difference, she has captivated audiences with her heartfelt performances and meaningful lyrics. Her dedication to raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention has earned her recognition and admiration within the industry. Let’s Get It Productions, a renowned music production company, recognized Tiffany Leigh’s immense talent and her commitment to making a positive impact. They are proud to support her as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her career. “True Enough,” Tiffany Leigh’s debut single, is a testament to her artistry and her ability to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level. The collaboration with Bryson Tiller, a highly respected artist in the industry, adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the track. Tiffany has since followed up her debut track with her latest single “Half Past Twelve”.

Can you tell us a bit about when you decided to take music seriously, and how you got started recording and releasing music? 

Tiffany Leigh: I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I used to put on little shows with a karaoke machine as a kid for my family and friends. I have always taken music seriously as a dream, but it wasn’t until the last 4 years that I really decided to give it all I’ve got, start recording, writing all my own music, and doing whatever it takes to get myself heard.

How did your upbringing in St. Petersburg, Florida, influence your musical style and lyrical themes?

Tiffany Leigh: That’s actually a really interesting question… I think it gave me a lot of creative freedom. Personally, I picture my future in the mountains, so when I write about a love life, or a house, or scenery, it often involves the mountains. So, it’s made me a very idealistic writer. In terms of musical style, all genres are played here. I love that I can go anywhere and hear any style of music, so it’s just given me a lot of freedom to explore where my style fits.

As a multifaceted artist, how do you balance your work in modeling, acting, and music, and do you find any crossover of creative expression between these fields?

Tiffany Leigh: With a lot of wine, random moments of crying and an overabundance of ice cream. No, I’m kidding. Kind of. There’s definitely been some struggles to keep it all balanced, but I do my best. I have a great support system and my kids always remind me why I do everything I do. Regarding crossover of creative expression, ABSOLUTELY! The industry can be relentless. And just about any industry, you can come across people who don’t have the best intentions, who aren’t very kind to you, and I tend to write about a lot of those experiences. I never name drop, but I tend to express myself through my music. I’ve had some pretty harsh experiences in all areas, so I will write about how those moments make me feel. It’s also very easy to pull from different emotions for acting or modeling when I’ve personally experienced so many situations that have had me feel those emotions. So, it’s easy to pull from what I truly already feel.

Could you share with us how your experiences in modeling and acting have shaped your approach to music and performance? 

Tiffany Leigh:  Acting and modeling have really helped me learn how to have a stage presence, control my emotions, have a wide range of emotions, and it’s helped me learn how to tell a story through music. Acting and modeling, while I absolutely love it, it’s a very hard industry, especially for girls and women due to societal normal standards or expectations…so to have these experiences that I’ve gone through where I have struggled with certain issues, I can write about them and be a light for others that might struggle with those same things.

What inspired your deep involvement in suicide prevention, and how do you intend to continue advocating for this cause through your music and platform?

Tiffany Leigh: Whew that’s a loaded one… I’ve been through a lot. I have been through sexual assault, domestic violence, witnessed addiction and been deeply impacted by it and even struggled with it at one point myself. I am autistic. I have severe CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder – where there’s a series or several occurrences of traumatic events), depression, anxiety, and I’ve attempted suicide five times. I have songs that are already written and ready to record that one song touches base on different aspects of mental health. It can be a song that might put it into perspective for others as to what it’s like to live with these feelings. It can be a song that might encourage someone to stay and see life get better, because it does. It can be a song that shows people it’s okay not to be okay. There are so many levels to that but I plan on being transparent and open to connect with as many people as possible.

How did your collaboration with Let’s Get It Productions come about, and how has their support impacted your journey as an artist so far?

Tiffany Leigh: I was introduced to them by my manager, Bryan J. Thompson of FyreBox MGMT. It definitely has taught me a lot about the industry. Bryan’s support hasn’t wavered, and I couldn’t appreciate him more.

Can you tell us about the process behind the creation of your debut single, “True Enough,” and the story behind the collaboration with Bryson Tiller?

Tiffany Leigh: It was a lot of fun! Having another large name artist on a song is something I never thought would happen, so the opportunity was pretty unique and great.

In “True Enough,” what message did you aim to convey to your listeners, and how do you believe this track reflects your artistic identity?

Tiffany Leigh: The story behind that song really is just two people who can’t seem to get enough of each other, despite her having someone else but that person isn’t very good to her, so she has a hard time deciding if she wants move forward or travel back in time. I think Bryson Tiller is very talented. I love the track, and I love all styles of music, but I will say it doesn’t reflect the style I plan on diving into fully.

How has the release of “True Enough” marked a turning point in your career, and what are your thoughts on the reception it has received so far?

Tiffany Leigh: It’s been super weird but really cool. I’m used to people walking up to me due to acting or modeling, or even work I do in the community for suicide prevention but to have people walk up to me because they heard a song I’m on, it’s been really exciting!

Your latest single, “Half Past Twelve,” showcases a collaboration with DJ CEO. What inspired this partnership, and how does this track differ from your previous work?

Tiffany Leigh: Half Past Twelve is a song I fully wrote. It’s a bit different from my usual styles because I’m still in the beginning stages of where I’m trying to find where I fit in exactly. It was a spicy song I wanted to challenge myself by. Seeing if I could even write a song with that type of message. I am always challenging myself and so did the label, management, and DJ CEO on this one.

What thematic elements or emotions did you seek to capture in “Half Past Twelve,” and how does it contribute to the overall narrative you’re building with your music?

Tiffany Leigh: That was a song I wrote to challenge myself. To see if I could do it, and now I know I can. So, I plan to continue to push myself, my own boundaries, and explore the music world.

How has your approach to songwriting evolved from when you started out to your latest release, and what can your fans expect from your upcoming projects?

Tiffany Leigh: My first two songs were songs that were me testing the waters. Seeing what I can or cannot do. People can expect to hear more of a pop, country, alternative style from me in the future. I do write all my own music and incorporate a lot of personal experiences in them, so a lot of authenticity and songs people can relate to. Whether it’s sad, happy, in love, heartbroken, excited, being a parent, being a daughter, being a friend, if there’s a feeling or emotion, I have a song for it.

What aspects of your personal experiences and journey do you often draw upon when writing your music, and how do these reflections find their way into your songs?

Tiffany Leigh: I pull from every personal experience I can recall. I have felt so many things so deeply, and I feel like writing about them helps me, and can help others feel not so alone in those times. Or even let them know that someone is always rooting for them even if it’s just me through their speakers. A lot of things in some of the songs are things that I wish people would have said to me when I was going through certain struggles.

With social media having a heavy impact on our lives and the music business in general, how do you handle criticism, haters and/or naysayers in general? Is it something you pay attention to, or simply ignore?

Tiffany Leigh: It doesn’t really impact me. It used to. I used to be that person that would have 200 positive comments and one negative comment, but I would focus on just that one negative comment and forget about every other positive thing that was said. I would sit with it for months and wonder what I could’ve done better to make sure I made everyone happy. Then I realized that I’m ever going to please everyone. I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s okay!

Can you elaborate on the impact you hope to make within the music industry, considering your strong commitment to creating a meaningful connection with your audience?

Tiffany Leigh:  I want to be that person that comes to mind when someone has any emotion. They can think “oop Tiffany has a song I can relate to right now!”. I want to have a fan base that can connect with each other. Lyrics that people cannot get out of their heads and lyrics that have depth.

What would you consider the most successful, proud, or significant point in your journey so far?

Tiffany Leigh:  My kids being excited about seeing me sing or record in the studio!! Hands down, the best experience has been my kid’s excitement through all of this.

In terms of your artistic growth, which musicians or artists have inspired you the most, and how have their works influenced your own creative process? 

Tiffany Leigh: Oh gosh, there’s so many. Taylor Swift is my number one musical inspiration. She has been under severe scrutiny in ways I’ve never seen other artists go through. She reclaimed her name. She connects with her audience. Her songs have depth, meaning, and tell a story. She paints a picture with each song. She is an incredible performer. She has been the first artist I’ve turned to since her debut album through all my stages of life, Taylor’s music has always been there. That’s my goal. Selena Gomez, Kelsea Ballerini, Lauren Alaina, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, all of those artists are just a few that I have always looked up to in regard to what they write about, how they connect with their fans, their transparency and authenticity. I mean, I could bring it back to when I was a child and admired Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Shania Twain, Jo Dee Messina. My musical inspiration is everywhere for so many different reasons.

How do you ensure authenticity and emotional honesty in your music, and what practices do you follow to maintain a genuine connection with your listeners?

Tiffany Leigh: Being true to myself…I refuse to change who I am. I refuse to let go of my morals, my ability to speak about things I believe in, or my ability to speak up against the wrong. I have always said that if I ever make it in the industry, I will not allow anyone to turn me into someone I don’t recognize. To continue writing with true passion, emotional connection, honesty, and authenticity, I have to remain authentic myself.

Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to, and what can you tease about these upcoming ventures?

Tiffany Leigh: Absolutely!! I have quite a few collaborations that I cannot speak about yet, and so many songs that are going to really show my style, who I am, and so many things happening! There’s music videos, collaborations, shows, just keep an eye out and be ready!

What do you find most rewarding about what you do? And do you have a specific vision or goal set in your mind that you would like to achieve in the near future?

Tiffany Leigh: Knowing the words I say matters to someone. Thinking of seeing a little girl wearing a shirt with my lyrics or my face on it. Thinking of a little girl singing to her hairbrush because my song just so happens to be her favorite song. Giving another person the encouragement to keep going in life. Letting other people know they aren’t alone. Being able to connect to a large audience is really the most rewarding thing that I can think of. That’s my biggest goal… to create music that contains lyrics that matter to people. To create music that leaves a mark, a legacy. To create music that causes a shift in society in a good way.


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