Chris Fraley talks about the Superhero “Blackman”

Chris Fraley is an Actor/Comedian with KMA “Kiss My Ass” Productions. He is the creator of the online reality show series Chris Fraley Presents Face 2 Face Book. Chris Fraley took his first acting class in 1995 but he’s been acting (a fool) all his life. He has worked behind the scene with many actors. In 1998 after a two year hiatus from acting he was in the studio with Danny Glover who told him he needed to return to his calling, “Because you only live once.” Chris has performed in many comedy clubs and has turned to comedic acting for more exposure on the Internet.

  1. Who is Blackman?

Blackman is America’s newest Superhero. He is fighting stereotypes and the ignorance surrounding them by perpetuating them (just a little)… because there’s a fine line between funny and stupid.

  1. What makes him different than other Super Heroes?

Blackman is Positive. Unlike Batman, Blackman can fly. Blackman’s mind is stuck in the Seventies (hence the Big Fro), bringing power back to the people by freeing their minds. People were really coming together in the Seventies BR (Before Reagan). Archie Bunker was on the Television and people were laughing at him not with him, and how silly he sounded.

  1. What inspired you to become this character?

I am Blackman because I’m black. And I was tired of people thinking they can come up to me and start talking basketball and think I know what they are taking about or that I know the latest Rap Jam. Not all black people like Rap.

  1. What kind of adventures can we expect from this caped crusader?

Blackman is going to save Newark, NJ from itself. It has potential it just needs a little help. Blackman is headed to LA to become Herb Marples melanin friend and save him from the Sun

  1. Tell us about Chris Fraley-The actor/comedian. Where did you get your start?

I’ve been acting a fool all my life. In 1996 I took some acting classes and got hooked. But money got tight and I had to stop. So in 1998 Danny Glover was in my studio (he was in town filming Beloved). I told him I was an actor. He told me I have to get back into it cause you never want to look back and say I should of.  I’ve always had the ability too make people laugh. So I went back to acting classes, but sometimes life just gets in the way. In 2002 I became Actor/Comedian. She Got Game Media booked my first show. I got booed by a church group, yup a church group, but I was hooked! Now with YouTube I can do my thing. I throw it on the wall and see if it sticks. And if I’m happy with it, that’s all that really matters.

  1. What’s your proudest moment?

When I was in the studio with Whoopi Goldberg and I made her Belly Laugh. She had been sick with a staph infection and went to the hospital. When she came back to work the producers and I were all  in the studio, and during a commercial break she asked how does one get a staph infection anyhow? I said “you get it from the Hospital Staff.” She looked me dead in the eye and said  “that’s funny.”

  1. Do you think the character Blackman can help better race relations?

Yes, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Black people just think it’s the funniest thing, young and old. White people ……. That’s a different story. The kids get it 1-32. I can really tell how they were brought up and if they have any association with people of color. Older white people get a little stand off-ish. I can feel the hate. They don’t like to be out of their comfort zone. But the white people that associate with people of color (aka have black friends) are cool with it. White men that get it always say, “man in the seventies I had them shoes,” or “sure wish I could grow hair like that again,” It’s a lot of fun.

  1. How do fans follow Blackman?

Hit a Black man up at  Follow the links: @Blackmanfans /Twitter, Blackmanempowers /on the insta and Chris Fraley Presents /Youtube.

  1. Who are your favorite comedians?

Todd Barry, Jatty Robinson, Alvin Irby, and Barry Ribs, but not all black people like RIBS. Honorable mentions: Chris Cotton, Jeff Hysen, Gregory Joseph, and Ryan Gurian.

  1. How daring is Blackman? Would he try to infiltrate a Klan Gathering?

I have the ability to make people laugh. I’ve said it before I can have a good time at a Klan Rally.

  1. Does Blackman have a Kryptonite?

“ Cold is like Kryptonite to Black people”….. Stupid people are my Kryptonite and sometimes it’s not their fault (it’s just how they were raised and they can’t break the mold) and that’s just stupid.

  1. What’s next for Blackman?

Blackman is going to Comic Con. Blackman has an Illustrator now, so a Comic Strip is in the making.  And I ‘m going to Times Square and get white people to give him money to take a picture, just like the rest of the Superheroes.


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