Resonating Heritage: Sharon Manuel’s Haunting Performance of ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’

Sharon Manuel’s musical journey serves as a vibrant mosaic woven from her early encounters with melodies to her pivotal role in both the world of [more…]


The Power of Collaboration: Maria Rago and Laura Gómez Illuminate ‘Lady M – Day of a Hundred Candles’

In the realm of classical music, where talent and dedication reign supreme, there emerges a star whose brilliance transcends the boundaries of tradition. Maria Rago, [more…]


Suraaj Parab & Sandeep Kulkarni – “So Far Away” – an ambience that propels the song to something special!

Composition, arrangement, performance, lyric writing, production, artwork –  the single, “So Far Away”, is a consummate expression of the contemporary neoclassical art form, blended with [more…]

New Releases

Toni Castells: 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal? – a spectacular integration of classical music and electronic elements

Toni Castells is a Hispano-British composer currently based in London. A lecturer at Imperial College London and the London College of Music, his sonic worlds transpire [more…]