New Releases

Daniel Bohn – “Colors of The Land” is excellently written, performed and paced!

Progressive metal artist, Daniel Bohn, is from St. Louis, Missouri. He started playing drums in middle-school, then picked up guitar in his high-school band, before [more…]


Missouri Musician and Songwriter, BMG LANDO continues to thrive in the Industry

St. Louis, Missouri –24–year–old local St. Louis musician and songwriter Orlando Rideout, professionally recognized as BMG Lando, continues to make waves through the industry as [more…]

New Releases

Bill Abernathy – “More Than Meets The Eye” – is a sincere warning for all of us!

“There’s more to this than meets the eye. Decisions based on biased lies. Determining who lives and dies. Whose freedom are lost. Whose justice is [more…]


Bill Abernathy: “Crossing Willow Creek” – a distinct voice and a killer writer!

Kansas City, Missouri resident Bill Abernathy, began writing songs in his early teens.  He played all through his school years, but then life took over. [more…]


Joel Kapat: “Trent Ans” – a continent-to-continent cultural shuffle!

Patrick Kagarama AKA Joel Kapat is a Congolese American recording artist, songwriter, and designer, who obtained a degree in Human Service and Addiction counseling. His [more…]