Kulateral Beatz does more than just make beats – he’s a musical powerhouse!

When you think of contemporary hip-hop, it’s easy to think of big-league artists. But for every hit record, it’s important to remember there’s a genius behind the beat. Throughout hip-hop’s existence, producers have always been behind the boards, not receiving the credit, praise and acclaim they truly deserve. Now, in this new age of social media and streaming platforms, the beat makers are finally branching out on their own, getting some recognition, and often sharing the spotlight with the rap game’s hottest artists. One of this new breed of music creators, is Kulateral Beatz, a Producer and Songwriter out of Kansas City, Missouri. From his training at the famous Charlie Bird Parker Academy, to his co-ownership of GH2 Ent LLC, as well as his will to think outside of the box, Kulateral Beatz is both meticulous and passionate about his craft.

Kulateral Beatz does more than just make beats – he’s a musical powerhouse – Hip-hop, R&B, and Soul tinged bangers prove his ability to influence any rapper’s sound in the perfect way. His signature sounds are infectious and lays down the foundation for melodic or lyrical rappers to go crazy.

Checkout the latest bass driven electro-boom of “34Double D”, or the percussive dynamicity of “Book of Eli”. If you dig the sound of warm layered keys and squealing synths, lay your ears on “Time Flies Live Great”.

Maybe slamming drums and a sweet hook is your thing, for which you’ll find solace in “Light In Your Eyes”, “GetRite (Circle of Life)” or “BuddhaBlessed”. More classic, banging hip-hop sounds can be found on beats like “Apple Siroc”, “Queen Sade”, and “No Pain Know Gain”.

Either way, the list of Kulateral Beatz’s diverse creations are almost endless. So though you may not know his name just yet, Kulateral Beatz is able to create the multiple sounds that power the flourishing hip-hop scene. He captures the spirit of hip hop in rhythmic measure, with his discerning ear, impeccable taste, and seamless mixing skills.

Kulateral’s attention to the perfect 6-point production scheme is what gives him the edge in beat-making. One – he knows that the rhythm of the beat is the backbone of everything. It carries and centers the entire song. Two – the purpose of the production is to support the vocalist, so he understands that simplicity is essential in not overpowering the raps.

Three – Kulateral Beatz knows how to highlight the chorus or the hook, which is essential in modern music. Four – the song structure needs to be complete. Into, verse, chorus, and outro should be there, and Kulateral Beatz makes sure he ticks the boxes.

Five – Having a clear structure in a beat is important, but the aspect of how each section transitions to the next is often overlooked. So exciting transitions are important to avoid the beat sounding plain and boring, and that’s another box that Kulateral Beatz eloquently ticks.

Six – Ultimately, beats needs to have soul and groove, and that is where every producer can insert their personal touch, and is probably where Kulateral Beatz comes out tops. So if you want to move your sound to the next level, you now know who your choice beat maker should be!


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