speakeazie – ‘I’m Crushed in His Gaze’ delivers a darkly tinged and evocative mind-altering discourse

The dense, bombastic wall of sound that has settled over the indie landscape lately, burying everything under its raucous and strident sheen, has made appreciating [more…]


llluminatè Steele: “A Darker Shade of Heaven” – a compelling force

llluminatè Steele, is a multi-talented musician, published poet, producer, video editor and director. She started her career as a DJ and promoter in both Portland [more…]


Reverse Mechanic: “This Hole In My Throat” (feat. Michael Shynes) is full of depth!


Minneapolis hip hop artist Reverse Mechanic released a stunning single in 2016, entitled “The Box”.  The track was a response to hatred, bigotry, and societal [more…]

New Releases

ChevyQuis: “I Miss You” ft K. Quo – the ability to crank out emotional-defining verses!

Twin cities native ChevyQuis (Pronounced chevy-keece), is a versatile artist with clever and unique flow. The Minneapolis rapper has been making music since he was [more…]