New Releases

ONNI – “Memories” Delves Deep into the Emotions for a Memorable Debut Release!

Swedish songwriter Johnny Sanchez, has dropped the single “Memories” as his debut release under the moniker ONNI. Prior to this, Sanchez had been writing mainstream [more…]

New Releases

Sean Saint Velvet – “Memories” – Pieces of stripped-down artistry like this are very rare


Sean Saint Velvet’s guitar is more than just an instrument; it’s a bond that keeps the artist focused and grounded through his life. Sean started [more…]


ECHOGLASS deliver moments of undeniable pop beauty

Formed in 2016 ECHOGLASS are composed of frontman DA McKenna, guitarist Remmy, bassist Bo Calista and drummer Bam. They are currently independent and release their music on Darkhouse Recordings. [more…]