Aaron Night – “Through It All” – a truly engaging record, with a big heart and all-embracing aesthetics!

From start to finish, on his latest single, “Through It All”, released on February 22, R&B/Pop artist Aaron Night, will transport you on a sonic [more…]


KBong: “Easy To Love You” keeps every promise made with its resonant title!


Kevin Bong aka “KBong” is a Hawaiian born and San Diego native. The multi-instrumental artist who is well-known for his ‘key’ role in Stick Figure. [more…]


iakopo: “Supernatural” – be moved and grooved by impassioned vocals and killer choruses!

Listening to “Supernatural” by iakopo makes me wistful for the days when razor-sharp, super tight rhythm sections, wonderful harmonies, colorful lyrics and good melodies were [more…]