New Releases

Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers – “The Deepest Experience” – This is resonating soul food!

Counting 5 Billboard hit songs, listeners from all over the globe, appearances in major media publications and inclusion on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and New Christian [more…]

New Releases

Gangai Victor + Friends: “Tuned to the Key of Praise” stands atop the newest crop of talented Christian bands


Gangai Victor is a worship leader and songwriter from Chennai, India. He is also a well-liked blogger (Votive Praise) and author of ‘The Worship Kenbook’, [more…]


Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers: “Broken” keeps the focus in the right place

Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers are a contemporary gospel and Christian group founded by songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrument Anthony J. Nelson. A graduate of [more…]