Don Pasquale Ferone Releases Video for his Unplugged Single, “Il Creato”

Don Pasquale Ferone is a priest from the province of Naples who loves music and composes songs of Christian inspiration. To his credit he already has four albums and they are all available on streaming platforms. Let’s see his history and biography. Pasquale Ferone, from an early age began attending church with his family and at the age of 10 he began his spiritual journey. At 15 he learned to play the guitar and animate the various celebrations and charismatic prayer meetings in the parish.

After receiving the Baptism in the Spirit with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal group, he began to mature the choice to enter the seminary, and became a priest in 1998. As a priest he continues to further cultivate his passion for the guitar and from 2017 he began to compose inspirational Christian music.

The lyrics of each of his pieces are extremely poetic and of high musical composition. Whether you consider yourself a faithful Christian or do not live particularly close to the Faith, the album Certezza, 2017, available in some videos also on YouTube, is an extremely pleasant musical product, with energetic rhythms and suitable for every taste.

Knowing this particular musical genre, is very important, not only because it concerns spiritual religious themes, but above all to make it clear that it is beautiful in its musical forms, in fact, many songs use beautiful musical harmonies that create a particular emotional state, and make sure it is clearly recognizable.

In the meantime, the singer-songwriter Don Pasquale Ferone has become parish priest in the province and outskirts of Naples. He has four albums to his credit: Certezza 2017, Confidenza 2018, Come roccia 2019, Il dono della Vita 2020,  Fedeltà 2020 (Homemade).

Don Pasquale Ferone has also released the following singles: Fiducia 2020 (Homemade), Guarda il Cielo 2020 (Homemade), Gioia immensa sarà (Homemade) 2020 and others, they are all songs of evangelization and praise, and together with the albums, they are all present on digital and streaming platforms.

To stay up to date on all the news regarding Don Pasquale Ferone’s music, it is advisable to periodically follow his YouTube channel, the Facebook page and the other social media channels that are always active. The unpublished songs of praise and evangelization by Don Pasquale Ferone are a rare pearl in the Italian musical panorama.

Connect with all Don Pasquale Ferone’s music streams here: and follow him on Facebook here:

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