“The Witness Stand” – Stevie Sightz’ unique flow and faith comes across with fire and vigor!

From some of the vilest circles of killers, drug dealers and thugs comes an unlikely vessel and witness for the Christian lifestyle. Former budding rapper, small time hustler, womanizer and street delinquent Steven Williams, now known as Stevie Sightz brings his brand of spiritual insight to the realm of Gospel hip hop.

Coming from a huge family, the 4th of 12 children, Stevie started writing poetry, short stories and raps at the age of 8. While most of his childhood friends turned to crack to make money, Stevie delved into the hustling game part time, seeing the struggles of his family, but rap became the outlet of choice to try to help.

Stevie Sightz
Stevie Sightz

In 2002 GOD had different plans for him. As a result of over 11 years in the faith, the now husband and father of two has created “The Witness Stand”, a testimonial album dedicated to living the holiness life and the experiences thereof. Says Stevie: “GOD saved me at a really chaotic time- I had just walked from an opportunity to get with two major record labels, I was on probation for a case, and violating, I was about ready to go to prison, and my high school sweetheart had just got killed-but some kind of way GOD grabbed my attention with all that going on…”  

The album, “The Witness Stand”, very much like the idea of religion overall, is subject to debate. Haters can find things wrong with it, but ultimately it’s up to the listener to see the message their own way. The way I saw it, it is a very pure and thoughtful, portrayal of life. Stevie Sightz has great wordplay, and his solid flow is never restricted in any way as changes gear at will, in his tracks. Songs like All Over This World, Heaven, No Confessions In Holiness, Nobody Like You and Dear God are just flat-out terrific. They all showcase incredibly thoughtful lyrics, easily rivaling my favorites from the entire world of Hip-Hop, secular or Christian.

This album is very creative in the way the songs are composed and very diverse as well. Stevie points out things going around in this world that a lot of people don’t usually talk about. Trying to really get us thinking about where our priorities are at and that God should always be first.

The album delivers a strong mix of beats and lyrics, while no feature is wasted, considering there are quite a few, from Big Meezy, Mizz Trina, and Ryan Napier, to Israel Tutson, Morris Harrison, Rashawn Napier and Patience Williams.

It is truly a blessing to witness the extraordinary work that artists like Lecrae, Flame, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka and now Stevie Sightz, are utilizing to bring a priceless message through their music, to reach out to the lost and encourage the found, in their walk, but more importantly to give Glory to GOD.

Are you wondering if this is worth being among your collection? No doubt, “The Witness Stand” has weight and glory to it. Stevie Sightz’ unique flow and faith comes across with fire and vigor!


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