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“The Hunt” – Crushed by the Sheer Beauty and Power of Zach Wolf’s Voice

Zach Wolf has been performing and writing music in front of audiences consistently since the young age of 12. His first full length album “The Hunt” began the official launch of his career, and since he has worked with producers associated with Warner Music Group, Republic Records, and Sony BMG. Zach has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is the sole owner and founder of the production company Wolff Productions, through which he offers his services as a songwriter and producer to other up and coming artists.

For the better Zach Wolf displays consistency in his style, meaning the songs I have heard here from his “The Hunt” album, is no different to the brilliant stuff I have heard the artist do before, yet there’s definitely a rejuvenation production-wise, and a very palpable maturity in the lyrics because that’s basically what the album is exposing as a body of work, maturity and realization; From falling in love, falling out of love, introspection within gaining and losing and the outcome of it. As somber as this concept may sound, the songs leaves quite an opposite impression.

zach-wolf-thehunt-profileIt’s amazing what a guy with a guitar, a piano, some synths and stripped soundscapes behind can achieve. To be honest, it is hard to pick favorites here, with that said, please check “Dark”, “To This Apparent End”, “Questions”, “Fire” or the absolute current favorite “Love”. If those alone don’t move you, you simply haven’t experienced Zach Wolf. These songs are everything I love about Zach–brooding, introspective, sexy, and often dark with just a hint of hope.

This isn’t music manufactured to hook you in between radio ads. With music being the way much of it is today, you’ll find that you’ve tuned your ears to the templated song, waiting for the quick hook so you can absorb it, listening a few times then throw it away, but you can’t do that with Zach Wolf’s music and if you approach it that way you’re likely to pass his work off as simple pop music.

But if you listen trying to search for what he’s trying to say, if you search for the soul of the artist you’ll find no mask on this album. “The Hunt” is a coherent work, it is a brilliant album and every bit as good as anything you’re likely to hear from any modern singer-songwriter today.

You’ll find chill-inducing ballads, moving lovelorn tunes, sweeping evocative climaxes, where Zach voice flips into soaring falsetto, and you’ll also find mere moody whispers to eventual heart-tearing pleas. In truth, this album is nothing short of genius.

Listen carefully and play it the whole way through and you will realize that. Its more heart-felt, more intense, it’s stronger, it’s deeper and it’s darker than your regular radio fare. You will be grabbed by virtually all of the songs. And you will be crushed the sheer beauty and power of Zach Wolf’s voice even before you are taken by the craftsmanship of the music.

Clearly Zach’s already growing fan-base is only likely to explode and expand with this fantastic offering.


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