“Speedball” & “Strep Throat” – Hexyl’s outspokenness leaves nothing unsaid

The definition of Hexyl is: “any of various isomeric alkyl radicals C6H13− derived from hexane”. What is Hexane? Hexane is a chemical commonly extracted from petroleum and crude oil. It is a colorless liquid that gives off a subtle, gasoline-like odor. Hexane is highly flammable, yet it can be found in many household products such as stain removers for arts and crafts projects. Hexane is toxic, and exposure to large amounts of it can cause neurological damage.

How does this all of this information tie in together with the 22 year old artist from Virginia, USA? Apart from Hexyl being his moniker, we don’t know if his music is toxic enough to cause neurological damage, but if you’re susceptible to his sound, we do know that it is addictive enough to cause dependency

Take Hexyl’s latest single, “Strep Throat”, where he comes out screaming on a twisting dubstep influenced beat:  “Imma put my semen in her face (Wait). Hit him in the middle of the day (Wait). Fuck a couple bullets imma spray (Wait). Put her on her knees the bitch gone pray (Ay).” It’s quickly obvious that subtleties are not part of his musical demeanor – not in sound nor in lyrics. The beat bangs loudly and abrasively, while Hexyl’s outspokenness leaves nothing unsaid.

Screeching synths, growling basslines and slapping drums, contrast, meld, and fuse, in a sonic explosion meant to melt your brain. On top, Hexyl’s pungent lyrics, cut and clout their way through the mayhem, with the abrasive grit of his voice.

This monster track is not for the weak-hearted, but for those who prefer powerful unrestrained emotions. But sonically Hexyl has a whole more to offer. Simply take a step back to his EP “Speedball”, for a whole different experience.

On “Speedball”, Hexyl delivers a full-on modern hip-hop experience. His consistency is felt through his verses, which is written and delivered like he’s demanding we pay attention. Opening with “Dead Pic” the bass booming beats are as much of a weapon as Hexyl’s blunt and impactful verses. The rapper is constantly morphing his sound to craft the best song regardless of what one would expect from him.

On “808s and Horses” ft. Astral Trap, Hexyl takes the rap sound and brings in a sonic depth that really flips it on its head. As usual, the rhymes go hard and are unfiltered. “Gak!” features a trunk-rattling bass that will blow your woofers. The heavy bass bumps hard, while Hexyl’s impeccable flow and excellent delivery couldn’t be any better. He raps like he’s has nothing to lose over a head-nodding groove.

“It’s hard being humble when you know that you’re the greatest. Can’t connect to anybody when you’re famous,” states Hexyl on “Gak!” Hexyl’s rhyme schemes are impressive, and helps to drive his flow, as he does a great job of running over the instrumentals.

This is most evident on both “Dopesick” and “Laughing While Crying”, where Hexyl makes sure to grab your attention throughout it with his powerful wordplay. Despite sitting just below a 10-minute runtime, “Speedball” excels with its five tracks. It’s easy to see this project having high replay value.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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