Sir Spits: “HipHop” Balances Lyrical Temptations And Musical Priorities

Sir Spits is the founder and host of the critically acclaimed Hip-hop movement, podcast and label called “The Dojo”, which collaborates and showcases the finest underground Hip-hop talent out there. Get a good headset and listen to the new 17 track album by Sir Spits, simply called “HipHop”.

Listen repeatedly. This album will grow on you. Like an onion, most every song on this collection has layers to it, suggesting that there is more to ingest after each and every listen. And like an onion, every layer is strong. The listening experience matures after every spin.

sir-spits-350bSir Spits comes into his own as a solid lyricist who stares at every instrumental like an empty canvas and comes up with the proper brushstrokes to have his words and delivery fit smartly on any given track. I can’t overstate that; Think of some of your favorite lyricists over your lifetime, and seriously think about whether they cared about fitting their words artistically onto a track, not just patting themselves on the back for being clever.

Sir Spits is a prime example of complete interest in melding his words artfully onto whatever the track is asking for. Simply stated, it’s a joy to hear a rapper use his raps as an instrument.

After you break the ice with the “Intro”and “Free Refill”, and get deeper into the journey with “Lyrical War (Bagz N Spits II) Ft. Bagz Da Ryda”, you’ll realize that there are various lessons in his genius. Sir Spits makes you ponder on different aspects of life through reflections of poverty, violence, substance distribution, grinding, and a whole lot more.

He also makes it clear that he’s here to stay in a big way. Make no mistake this album is gritty enough for those looking for bangers. But you’ll find any vibe of music, as the production value set by OG Omega Jackson is great and allows you to easily sink into a massive hole of unique old school sounds and lyrics.

sir-spits-350Sir Spits has mastered his style of Rap and is truly fighting for the title. This is a great album compared to all of the other alternatives being put out these days. You can understand the hidden messages, feel the connection between the artists and reflect deeply on the different perspectives of life.

The dude is raw and musical. The hooks and beats bounce around and offers fully fleshed out musicality. There is nothing like an album that has range and caters to different dynamics. That’s how you get to move through standout tracks like What You Gon’ Do Ft. Deemo”, “The Grind Don’t Stop Ft. Young Prophet Child”, “Good Verses Evil Ft. The Author”, “Rollin’ Ft. Chunk Norris & Axel Cortijo”, “Secret Cypher Ft. Percee P”, “Step Into The Dojo Ft. Joey Christ” and “The Dojo Ft. Omega Jackson”.

If there is such a thing as putting your best foot forward for an artist then this is the blueprint. Throughout the album Sir Spits keeps it consistent, and he has some crazy punchlines along the way. “HipHop” is mature and focused album, balancing lyrical temptations and musical priorities.

A far cry from the radio, pop-infected Hip-hop of our time, this is an album that would have stood proud in the nineties, as much as it stands tall today for its authentic retro style.


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