Ozorne – “The Jupiterian” weaves together captivating musical and thematic threads

Meet the talented beatsmith Ozorne, whose unique approach to music-making has earned him a loyal following of fans. Hailing from Eswatini in Southern Africa, Ozorne draws from his rich cultural heritage and a lifetime of globetrotting to create contemporary compositions that are truly one-of-a-kind. His music is deeply rooted in the hip-hop instrumental tradition, but it also incorporates the texture and aesthetics of lo-fi music, resulting in a truly captivating listening experience. Ozorne has been honing his craft since his high school days and has since emerged as a prolific multimedia artist. As someone who is also involved in video production, storytelling through music comes naturally to him. He places a big emphasis on concept through his music, resulting in works that are both thought-provoking and sonically pleasing.

Ozorne’s influences range far and wide, from Hip-Hop to LoFi, Trip Hop, Chill wave, Synth Wave, and Experimental sounds. It was the city of Durban (South Africa), that left an indelible mark on Ozorne’s music. With its vibrant cultural scene and dynamic music community, it inspired the music maker to push the boundaries of his art and create something truly unique.

Ozorne’s recently discovered EP, “The Jupiterian” is a hidden gem. The music is a testament to the power of cultural exchanges, aural indulgences and artistic experimentation. With each composition, the producer pushes the envelope and creates a truly memorable listening experience, drawing from a number of influences and sonic elements

The recording opens with “Voyage to the Stars” which quickly sets the cinematic tone.  It begins with a progressive and atmospheric grandeur, which then transforms into punchy synths and hard-hitting drum claps. “Fractal Atmosphere” follows with a sustained beat and forward-pushing momentum. Runaway drums, rolling basslines, sweeping pads and vocal flourishes ignite the arrangement, which morphs into a number of moods.

The intensity and drive is escalated on the synthwave banger, “A Night in Venus”. The bumping bass and synth dominated piece steps into the sci-fi future while borrowing from electronic music’s retro goodness. Here Ozorne creates a mesmerizing blend of shuffling rhythms, melodies and tones which never let up. Prepare to be astonished by the concatenations of impacting sound beamed directly from the mind of Ozorne.

“Digital Dystopia” maintains the upbeat momentum, as Ozorne introduces more sonic elements and effects to unfold the song’s storyline and intoxicate listeners with his creative and technical prowess.  Ozorne lends himself to superlatives and clichés, which is the sign of a singular artist at the top of his craft. His music is quite similar to a piece of visual art in that the more time spent with it, the more you get out of it.

The EP closes with “7th Sun”, which starts off slower, but no less powerful than the previous tracks, as Ozorne turns up the slapping drums and pulsing tones. His electronic sensibilities generate heavily layered and textured song without creating a sonic mess. Ozorne’s ability to create lush, layered and textural songs comes completely to the fore here.

Throughout this EP, Ozorne weaves together captivating musical and thematic threads, with powerful hints of an overarching narrative and a world beyond our current horizons. “The Jupitarian” hangs together and unfolds in a cinematic way, with rousing moments followed by quieter ones, all awash with the production wizardry of Ozorne. “The Jupiterian” is an excellent headphone record.

Watch out for Ozorne’s upcoming release, “The Tea Party Vol: 5”, which drops on 5 May 2023. The pre-save link is here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ozorne1/the-tea-party-vol-5


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