Multi-talented Lola Menthol vibrates with energy, beauty and focus

Founder of the multimedia production company Lucky 1s Media, Lola Menthol is multi-talented creative who is a passionate musician and film director. She has worked with many other creatives, both locally and internationally – on albums, festivals, and music videos, gaining almost 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. “I’ve always had a passion for creation and self-expression,” explains Lola. “Currently, I’m focused on Music and Film, but I also find creative expression in dance and painting. Without my art, I probably would have been dead by now,” she continues. “It has saved me many times over, so dedicating my life to this is only right. I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community and an advocate for mental health, human rights, and animal rights.”

Lola Menthol is currently completing the release of her brand new, upcoming EP, entitled “LUV”, which add to her already growing catalog. Her songs are hard-hitting and driven, while her voice can be both sweet and abrasive on the occurrence. Lola really has a wide range of sounds that she can produce via her versatile vocal cords and her musical productions. She can play the guitar, write songs, and make harmonious tunes that will grab your attention.

Lola Menthol’s voice vibrates with energy, beauty, and focus. Some songs are like an addictive drug. “Come See Me” is one such song; you can listen to this song many times without getting bored of it. Lola has such a refreshing sound compared to the more popular mainstream female singers. Her lyrics are as distinctive as her melodies. They run the gambit of everything from her observations on love to her frank perception of the fragilities, hostilities and afflictions of life.

Lola Menthol makes use of varying styles in her alternative and indie arsenal. And she does it all meticulously and beautifully amidst jangling guitars, skittering drumbeats and a flurry of backing voices on “Come See Me”. Her vocals are urgent, the lyrics explicit, and the message clear. The song has an intriguing raw unconventionality, mixed with a mesmerizing pop appeal. This same hypnotic formula is also evident on the single, “Spiraling”.

On this latter track, Lola Menthol once again showcases her songwriting skills, and a knack for catchy choruses. Lola’s songs are most powerful when they place her hard-earned wisdom at their core. Her lyrics are often so meaningful they go straight to the heart.

On the stunning “Spiraling”, she sings out direct and powerful lines, laying her thoughts out in the open. As an expert songwriter but also an incredibly gifted storyteller, Lola delivers a song full of honest lyricism, a beautiful melody, and a powerful production.

Lola Menthol’s skill as a musical alchemist, mixing melodies, vocal phrasing, and lyrical rhyming to create catchy yet intensely evocative music is phenomenal. What ultimately distinguishes Lola’s music is her fearlessness to utilize her vocals, lyrics and her uncanny ability to evoke feelings and stimulate thoughts through sound.

Lola Menthol’s powerful crooning, backed by an escalating rush of instruments and constant rhythmic momentum, all help the listener feel like they are caught right within her narratives. I have no doubt that her songs will eventually make their way into your playlists.


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