Kayla Nettles – “Concrete” – a chillingly vivacious voice!

The song “Concrete” by Kayla Nettles encompasses not just a typical story of an imperfect and unbalanced relationship, but all the heart wrenching waves that sit beneath the seams. Driven by gently shimmering guitar, skittering hi-hats and subtly textured percussion, the track begins with a sensual vibe and progresses through emotional and heartfelt nuances. “Cracks in the pavement, for all the time I’ve wasted. We’re gonna fall right through, if I don’t cut it off with you,” sings Kayla. Her voice, conveying a blend of vulnerability, confidence and quiet determination, as she details her own heart when it comes to love.

“Concrete” is distinguished by its tough and honest subject matter, heightened by Kayla Nettles’ chillingly vivacious voice. Heart-on-sleeve lyrics mix with a slow and addictive bass line and invites you into a world where you want to know the secrets of her toxic relationship. Kayla explores commitment issues with a narrative that she intones like a lullaby, seamlessly interweaving poignant content in a strong progression.

Kayla Nettles

“Concrete” lets listeners know that she is an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve, a talented singer and songwriter, and is continuously making strides to improve overall. Through its lyrics and clever production, the song demonstrates emotional intelligence and intricate arranging. The music highlights Kayla’s vocal ability. Her subtle yet emphatic voice flowing smoothly into emotional apexes.

The song also showcases that Kayla Nettles has a lot on her chest, but she knows how to deal with it: “Never gonna be on solid ground, as long as you have her around, Better make up your mind. You gave me a reason to walk away, baby all I need is one to stay. You’re running out of time, this ain’t concrete.” This track is an assessment of where her shaky relationship is heading, resulting in her demanding clarity.

The songwriting and performance on “Concrete” is remarkable; having the capability to express your narrative and not making it tiresome but rather appealing and easy to relate is a skill that few have. This is prime R&B, blended with distinct pop sensibilities, which Kayla Nettles uses as an ear-catching vessel for her cathartic poetry and storytelling skills.

There are so many women like Kayla’s protagonist in this song, trusting and full of love, that have been forever manipulated and deceived, but Kayla Nettles knows how to speak to them in “Concrete”.  It’s her transparency in this song that makes Kayla such a compelling artist, and it’s all packaged with a surprising amount of sonic goodness.

MORE ABOUT: Kayla Nettles is a multi-talented artist. With nine years of performance experience, Kayla has built a dynamic and energetic presence when she takes the stage. Along with her passion and drive, she is determined to take her career to the next level. She says, “I’ve always known how much persistence and dedication it takes to be an artist.” Kayla was a brand ambassador for Fender’s 2019 Fender player guitar line and online lesson series. When not on the road, she uses the skills she developed as an audio engineer to record and mix her own music since graduating from an audio engineering and music business Program in Nashville, TN.


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