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Lyzee: “Luminescent” – an electro synth-driven sound with edgy rock undertones

Lyzee is an Australian singer-songwriter and Producer, who writes and records a variety of tracks and gigs around Melbourne with her guitarist, Hayden.  She recently released her EP “Luminescent”. This is a fine collection of varied, finely crafted, rhythmic and melodious songs with intelligent lyrics, and Lyzee is a very, very good singer who has the experience to put these songs across with real meaning.

The EP cover
The EP cover

The electro synth-driven sound with edgy rock undertones is tight and gutsy but sensitive to the meaning of every song – and the production is fabulous.  The power of these five songs will leave listeners wanting more and more.

There’s no doubt Lyzee is a talented, gifted woman in the music business and her intentions through every song here go from being honest, loud, sweet and even pretentious when she has to. There are few artists that portray heart and emotion better than Lyzee does, especially on songs such as “The Deal Is Me” and “Luminescent”.

She lays her heart on the table and presents it to us with her iconic tone. She is haunting and driving, clear as a clarion call and mysterious as the ocean. In this EP, she uses her incredible vocal and emotional range to deal the challenge of difficult relationships, of love, of loss and of passion.  Her narrative hints, it points, and it paints a musical vignette evoking emotions and memories. She allows us to bring our own experiences to her work and connect with it in unique ways.


Tracks like “Messed Up” and “Heart Stripe” have all the pounding rhythms, yet there is something deeply personal about the music. A lot of this has to do with the dynamics of Lyzee voice as she weaves through the synth lines and driving beats. From the beginning all the way through to the end the music you find here delivers an unforgettable experience.

The music itself is alternative electro of the highest quality, and moves seamlessly between driving rhythms and allusive, haunting and captivating airiness.

You can put EP’s or albums and artists into one of two categories – radio-type hit and cranked out fillers that suck or tireless radio-type tune with depth and an entire EP or album of tracks with a similar strong quality. “Luminescent” easily falls into the second category.

Lyzee comes across as tirelessly creative in her music, conveying beautiful emotion, poetry, and meaning in her unique way – amidst songs that brim with rhythmical power. It’s percussive, it’s intense, and it’s soaring. It’s what the cosmos would sound like if it exploded in song.


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