Jon Collins Band: “Don’t Believe in You” – definitely a great, polished pop single !

The Jon Collins Band is a Los Angeles band formed in late 2012.  The band’s first Album “Hero” released in 2013 to rave reviews. In 2014 the band released their first radio single “Ashley” which made the Billboard music pop charts. In the summer of 2014, they released “Let Love Live” as a radio single, which followed with a 60 station radio tour in Summer/Fall of 2014.

Jon Collins
Jon Collins

Apart from being a musician, and co-writing songs with George Daly, former vice president of Columbia Records and current CEO of About Records, Jon Collins has performed in several on-stage musicals, as well as acting in several popular TV shows – Will and Grace and Scrubs among others – and movies. In addition to modeling and commercial work, Jon Collin’s has written and directed film projects in Los Angeles.

The Jon Collins Band has recently released the single “Don’t Believe in You” from their 6-song EP ‘Faces Of Love’. They did an amazing job with this single. I think the song stays true to who they are – a band that doesn’t completely fit within the confines of one particular genre, and I think that in itself is pretty transcendent and awesome.

“Don’t Believe in You” is well written, well recorded, mixed and produced. This is, in my opinion, is the band’s most dynamic track to date, and easily their best yet… by a landslide. The Jon Collins Band finally transforms the AOR sounds of “Ashley” and “Let Love Live” into something incredibly unique and wonderful to listen to. Clever, slinky catchy pop, with an alternative edge!

Jon Collins
Jon Collins

This track is truly a huge step forward for the Jon Collins Band, in terms of capturing new fans and maintaining older ones. There is sophistication and maturity to both the lyrics and the music that I feel this band is finally growing into the potential that their debut album showed.

Jon Collins’ vocal performance has never been as solid and compelling as on this. There is literally nothing I did not like in this song. I am so impressed with how far the Jon Collins Band has come from their previous material and I truly can’t wait to see where they go next.

So this is definitely a great polished pop single and it even gets better after multiple listens like most great songs do. Add that to the fact that the band has supported the single with another high quality, eye-catching video, and you know that the Jon Collins Band have an absolute winner on their hands here.

The Billboard Pop Charts are practically begging for similar ear-candy and the Jon Collins Band have these in bucket loads!


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