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JJ Savina: “7:00 AM” is never trite or clumsy and it always sparkles with genius!

JJ Savina aka Julia Savina is an EDM Producer, DJ and Remixer at Famous Records / Fontana. Originally from Narva, Estonia, JJ Savina gained her popularity on Reverbnation, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter by sharing her music with audience and helping other artists with music distribution. In December 2014 JJ Savina joined Famous Records Fontana and released her debut EP “7 A.M.” In July 2015 she released her music video “7:00 AM”, which has been filmed in London under the supervision of Igor Fain. The story about a modern Cinderella was written by Lara Miloszewska. The video has won a Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards and has been featured on National TV in the USA.

JJ Savina
JJ Savina

Created using Logic Pro, “7:00 AM”, says JJ Savina, is about music and people, who wake up every day at 7 o’clock and have to go to work. It’s about their struggle in everyday life, their place in the society and about their hope for the future.”

Her work is never trite or clumsy and it always sparkles with genius. “7:00 AM” is particularly crafty at appealing to even the most elusive facets of any states of being. If your primary taste runs toward well-engineered recordings of powerful, deep bass beats strung out in endless washes of playful synths wrapped up in cycled breakdowns and buildups, then you’ll like this.

Detailed, intricate, and layered, this is a real achievement of arrangement and smart production. Recently EDM music is especially well known for the “throw it at the wall and hope it sticks” kind of music. JJ Savina has come to save EDM from mediocrity. She has ridden in on a white horse, adorned with Logic Pro, to spread its sound to all who will accept it.

JJ Savina
JJ Savina

And there is no reason why you should not accept it. Fat synths, thumping basslines and a steadfast hand-clapping beat; JJ Savina combines her magical production skills to stir your deepest emotions and elevate your spirits into bliss. Making you almost forget about getting up at “7:00 AM” to attend that boring nine-to-five job.

I think the reason why JJ Savina is building such a strong fanbase worldwide is because there is always something in her music that will capture someone’s attention. She is a talented individual, who would benefit from more recognition.

There are few independent electronic music artists, in this genre that comes close to producing their music, videos, and unique sounds, in such a professional and captivating way. Many do one or the other rather brilliantly, but delivering the whole package at this level is a daunting task for most…but not for JJ Savina!

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