Jay Elle: “Rising Tide” – a concentrated, unadorned outpouring of emotions!

Pop, Rock and Urban-Folk singer-songwriter, Jay Elle, based out of New York has released his debut EP, entitled “Rising Tide”. Musicians working with Jay in the studio, included talents like Margaret Dorn, Wayne Pedzwater, Jett Harris, John Dubs and Byron Estep. The EP reflects the full breadth of Jay Elle creativity, drawing on both British and American singer-songwriter traditions, plus his own personal twist. His voice and his style is an acquired taste. I recommend you acquire it and this EP. Here’s a guy who makes great rock and roll by managing to blend the deep heritage of English Folk and Rock along with the traditional American blues based structure.

“Rising Tide” was a revelation – it has a relaxed yet intense feel that just allows the songs to really shine through. Jay Elle the songwriter and interpreter is a master at wringing nuance out of character studies and simple stories within his songs.

The lyrics, vocals and Jay’s guitar on are hypnotically lovely, slow and studied. Listen to “Twelve on Sunday” – the song progresses slowly, ever so slowly, and the wonderful acoustic guitar keeps you listening throughout and Jay weaves his lyrical tale.

“You Got Away” has gloriously biting and more aggressive vocal and guitar from Jay. Both elements are so much more than folk-rock, and evoke as much soul as any of the Motown greats from the past.

“All Through The Night” sees Jay totally cross the bridge and unleash all of his rock n’ roll power – full-on over-driven guitars crunch and screech under Jay’s bold and fiery vocal delivery. With its anthemic ready to sing-along to chorus, this could easily lend itself to the energetic stadium rock genre.

“Way Down The Road” packs a lot of punch, and is another straight-ahead rocker that tilts toward commercial acceptance with its catchy chorus and driven guitar riffs. The lead guitar solo is truly spellbinding here.

So if on hearing the opening title track, “Rising Tide”, you were led into beliveing that this would be another melancholly folk album, the rest of EP will surprise you. Because once the soft and gentle “Twelve on Sunday” closes down, this recording takes an abrupt upward turn – in terms of tempo and tone – without ever losing it’s stunning, story-telling lyrics and crystal clear, powerful vocals.

Jay Elle proves that you can have rich and powerful sounding music without having to resort to clichés, or starting to sound like a crappy version of some two-bit rock n’ roll band devoid of any lyrical substance. So many of these songs have great distinctive introductions and powerful story-lines, which means Jay Elle himself was clearly on a roll writing-wise, while completing the recording.

The EP “Rising Tide” presents a concentrated, unadorned outpouring of emotions which  demands to be unraveled and thought about seriously. No small matter and a fine artistic album from an artist that deserves appraisal.

“I set out from day one to provide an alternative to the run of the mill production of pop songs, a break from the busy arrangements crowding the airways – a rest for the ears of the listeners, and a true break from the norm,” said Jay Elle. “It’s not about slick production values or resonating with billions of listeners worldwide. It’s about unique, real life emotional situations that consume us all at one point or another.”


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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