Fuss Ricket: “What’s All the Fuss About?” soars with virulent rhythms and larger than life performances

From Austin Texas, and active since 2015, Fuss Ricket is a three piece fringe pop act focusing on industrial funk beats, pop-punk hooks and vocals, and captivating stage performance. The word that I think sums up the EP, “What’s All the Fuss About?” most accurately is: compelling. After listening to the recording a few times over, I have come to appreciate the achievement of this band and this EP in a way that I appreciate the work of very few new bands; the members of Fuss Ricket manage to absorb and, digest and re-produce many varied musical precedents into a strangely fresh form.

The EP cover artwork
The EP cover artwork

Their obviously varied pool of influences and a mix of analog and digital musical techniques with an unrelenting, rhythmic energy is completely effective in establishing a foundation upon which Fuss Ricket has succeeded in crafting an alarmingly listenable and compelling recording.

This has nothing but good vibes from start to finish and is exactly what you need to survive the dreaded ‘back to work’ routine that marks the end of your week-end. From the minute the first song, “Well On Time” opens, you are drawn into the energetic, dance-around-your-room-when-no-one’s-looking kind of track, giving the EP an explosive start and setting it out in the right direction.

This is the song that everyone needs to remind them to chill out and enjoy life, and with a drum beat that would make the grumpiest of people want to move it’ll be awesome performed live too, for sure. “Drop Dead” continues this energy and is probably the most fun track on this concise collection, whether you can relate to its risqué lyrics or not. And while it’s a fun listen, Fuss Ricket dig deep lyrically, fleshing out the many intricacies of the human psyche.

Even if for some obscure reason you don’t like the song, can you take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is in that unique vocal phrasing? That note makes this song that much better, don’t you think!

Fuss Ricket
Fuss Ricket

Anyone who is able or willing to not sing along to “Themin” should just stop reading now and go play it on repeat until you know how to unwind and free your persona from all its constraints. The urgent positivity injected into this song is simply infectious.

Music fans will find many shining moments throughout this EP, as it soars with virulent rhythms, rocking sing-along choruses’ ideal for the lead singer’s charismatic voice, and its major pop-punk tunes, simply begging for club play.

From the very first track, there is a certain sense of the band being drawn towards ‘theatrical and larger than life performances’. Something they pull off naturally and with total ease you’ll notice, when you eventually look up their exuberant video clips.

While there’s always room for improvement, it’s hard to determine what Fuss Ricket’s next step will be after this EP. However, they have a way of incorporating new ideas that revolutionize each of their songs, and that’s why this band will probably stay relevant, no matter what they do next!


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