Eon MC Etc. & The Libra: “Race Music” blaze its own path rather than travel well-worn roads

Born and raised in Lawton, OK, Eon MC Etc. is a multifaceted artist who has shared the stage with many well-known acts and released a debut LP “A Reckonin'” in 2007. Influenced by a disparate range of artists such as Jamiroquai, Prince, Michael Jackson, Scarface, Outkast, Kool Moe Dee, UGK, NWA, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few, Eon MC Etc. & The Libra have released the 6 track EP, entitled “Race Music”.

I can’t say enough about this recording. The instruments, melodies, breakdowns, and lyrics of this album are genius. I had so much fun listening to this album. It’s also very reflective. You can’t take this EP lightly; it’s not for the radio lover or the average pop fan who is satisfied with simple music. The complexity of this EP will make you proud to be an avid listener of intelligent music without the constrictions of genre or style. Eon MC Etc. & The Libra take genres and styles and blend them into something seamless.

eon-mc-etc-350You won’t know where the Hip-hop starts, where the R&B ends, where the Funk kicks in, or the Soul drips through. It just happens, and you’ll find yourself in the thick of its lusciously layered arrangements. Rhyming, singing, harmonies, melody and tons of groove will submerge your senses through every bar along this journey. When “Too Pretty” ft. Ron Love hits your speakers, you know there’s something good going on with this funky backdrop and old-school flow running over the top.

And when “Drank in Hand” ft. Dsloaner pops up next, your ears are on hold and nothing else matters anymore. This stuff is addictive, as these guys do not structure their songs the way other musicians do. They let them unfold and sprawl, taking them in many directions before returning back to base. It’s expansive and expressive, and it dwells on a bass-driven groove and deep-throated harmonies.

“Race Music” is full of interesting key changes, syncopated rhythms, melodic variations, and other neat little surprises. “DJ Spin Me One” is probably the straightest track in the collection, with its hand-clapping vibe, before another standout, “Prisoner”, takes center stage. Timeless lyrics, carefully crafted notes, mesmerizing instrumentation, and a sultry voice is a rarity and a true gift in today’s music industry – and it’s all here in one song. It’s great soul expanding music. It’s different. Very different.

“Love Right Now” follows a similar musical formula to “Prisoner”. A curious thing is that the vocals make confessions sound like come-ons, and vice versa – a trait so beautiful used by Prince and Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire. There’s a sense of live-in-studio interplay to the vocals and musicians, who build tricky and intricate grooves that feel like they could go on forever.

The urban anthem, “Cliffs’ Notes” closes the show down, but by this time it is clear in your mind that Eon MC Etc. & The Libra, are artists who would rather blaze their own paths than travel well-worn roads. Yet along the way, they never forget how those well-worn roads started out, long before they did, by always giving a nod to its legacy – through a rhythm, a sound or a melody. This is the type of recording that only comes around once every couple of seasons. Enjoy!


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