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E-Newt: “Tragically Beautiful” Shows Us What Hip Hop Can Be

E-Newt is an unsigned artist from Oklahoma who reaches out to many audiences with many concepts and bright ideas fueled with soul and pain. His mixtape, “Tragically Beautiful” is not about the bling, bling, violence, disrespecting women, etc., this is an album enlightening and uplifting the mind while grooving to some hypnotic beats that helps keep the head nodding. I love how the mixtape relates on so many levels from Black pride, love for women, and keeping the faith!

The 10 tracks on this mixtape are diverse, ranging from up-tempo bangers to quiet and introspective melodies. Overall “Tragically Beautiful” shows us what hip hop can be. Although there are up-tempo battle tracks, there’s no mindlessly materialistic braggadocio to be found here. Rather, this is music which analyzes life and gives us E-Newt’s unique take on things. It’s almost like a one-sided conversation in which E-Newt talks to us and tells us about himself, and about what he is thinking, often proving to be both insightful and provocative.

Nowadays hip hop artists move towards halfhearted Commercial-like rap, instead E-Newt delivers a thoughtful collection of tracks which is rarely found in hip hop these days; rightfully allowing E-Newt to assume his place among the top emcees with this release. This mixtape is easily one of the best of the year, lyric-wise, and should be purchased by anyone who likes to think hip hop, or simply anyone who likes to think.

It’s pretty hard to ignore deep tracks like, “Tragically Beautiful”, “Nirvana”, “Mary Anne”, “Unwanted”, “The Struggler” and “Dark Dream”. The lyrics aren’t just about having bling or being crunk, they’re about real life and topics that matter. And the beats are amazing too. I love almost every song here.

 E-Newt’s music has a ton of substance to it, with great metaphors that come so quickly and work so well with every beat. He doesn’t waste time talking violently, preferring to get directly to the point and he doesn’t create sales-inducing commercial hooks or have repetitive beats to go with his honest flows either.

On “Tragically Beautiful”, E-Newt goes against the grain of today’s commercial, superficial rappers and takes you on a thought provoking journey. Story telling skills and a top notch flow is the key for any emcee and  E-Newt proves he’s got them all on this mixtape.

Overall, E-Newthas created a work of art. This mixtape is for anyone who wishes to have substance filling their musical appetite. It’s all about the will to narrate some personal truths, the love for the music and respect for the art called hip hop. “Tragically Beautiful” is one of the best mixtapes I have heard this year.

Anyone with a mind and a beating heart should grab this. It will expand your horizons in the quest to hear real hip hop!






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