biskuwi : “Ardent” – a forward-thinking fusion of cutting-edge tech

“Ardent” features a deep, late-night rumbling bassline, pushing hi-hats, a percussive groove, and minimal synths, for a dark techno monster. biskuwi delivers a forward-thinking fusion of cutting-edge tech house and rolling minimal techno, as well as subtle hints of classic ambient aesthetics. Clearly biskuwi isn’t your average sellout Producer, otherwise he would be fusing the more popular EDM formula used by many of his peers to reach the mainstream radio charts.

biskuwi-profileBorn in Turkey, and currently living in Sweden, biskuwi says that he is an independent electronic music producer that tries to create musical elements which twist and wrap organically around each another.

Lacking the standard building blocks of today’s formulaic electronic music, there is no chaos only an ever-building, bristling energy. To even try to describe the gravity of emotion that this track exudes is absolutely impossible. biskuwi has clearly done something that few artists are ever able to accomplish.

He has painted a very powerful expression of soul and emotion that enters your ears and soaks deeply into the fibers of your spiritual canvas. Not to sound nauseatingly esoterical, but when I first listened to this track, it was as if I became privy to a new cosmic level of music appreciation.

This is music that does not require the nostalgic associations of one’s environment to produce emotion. On its own, every timeless note and beat builds deep inside of you, painting an extraordinarily haunting feeling that seems to be so parallel with others, yet so indescribable and personal at the same time.

biskuwi-300The beat and rhythm is very tight, but it’s the sonic tension that biskuwi creates on “Ardent” which resonates throughout that is most impressive.  There is an overwhelming sense of sophistication and control, though the music never feels contrived or suppressed. “Ardent” grows and breathes as if alive, and at times seems like it actually might be.

There is nothing pop about this track. It builds momentum slowly. It progresses through various movements and arcs. It is always restrained yet exquisitely timely and bubbling with an undercurrent of power just waiting to explode, but biskuwi keeps it there, just under boiling point.

He has made a track full of imaginative, transformative music in the finest mood-inducing tradition.  “Ardent” has an edgy, ethereal, and intense quality hidden beneath its beat. Anyone with patience, imagination, and an appreciation for subtle but passionate beauty will find much to enjoy here.


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